This Week's Off-Broadway Openings: March 28, 2011-April 3, 2011

March 28, 2011 - by CG News Desk

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Born Bad - Debbie tucker green’s Olivier-winning drama following one family trying to make sense of their past is at once epic and domestic, laced with humor and told with inventive form.

Bring Us the Head of Your Daughter - In this biting examination of an unconventional family unit and outermost limits of familial love, Jackie and Contessa are far from the “Ozzie and Harriet” prototype as possible. One black, one Jewish, both women have overcome years of alcoholism and self-doubt to remain loving partners. But when their absent daughter is accused of cannibalism, the Gramercy Park apartment becomes a center of chaos.

Eiko & Koma: Naked - A movement/visual art installation features Eiko & Koma's exploration of nakedness, desire, and the elasticity of time, set in an immersive and charged organic environment of their handcrafted design. In Naked, Eiko & Koma will be on continual view, in closer proximity to the audience than ever before. Audiences may come and go as they wish - or stay all evening. In adjacent spaces, audiences can view a companion video installation highlighting Eiko & Koma's decades of media work.

Monster - A brutal beating... the menacing scrawl of graffiti... a bloody baseball bat... Detective Tang Tran investigates the mysterious case of a missing Vietnamese-American high school student on the heals of a hate crime.

The Promise - Retired teacher Maggie Brodie has been dragged back to her local primary school for a reluctant day of substitute teaching. Her craving for alcohol is strong and her opinion of her colleagues is rock bottom, so it’s going to be a rough day. Then there’s Rosie, a six-year old Somalian girl who refuses to speak. Community leaders believe she is possessed and are  on their way to start her “treatment.” But Maggie, surprised by her connection to this girl knows they are wrong – so wrong, she’s willing to take drastic action.

Up in Central Park - This vintage musical is set in New York in the 1870s, and centers on John Matthews, an ambitious New York Times journalist investigating the infamous Boss Tweed and his "ring" of Tammany Hall lackeys. Both Matthews and Harper's Weekly illustrator Thomas Nast are especially interested in the fraud connected with constructing Central Park. Rosie and her best friend Bessie are daughters of two park superintendents and, although John tries to steer Rosie away from trouble, she is seduced by bright lights and fame – until love and justice triumph in the end.

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