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NYC’s Best Dim Sum

(April 25, 2017) - With a thriving Chinese population, you better believe that New York City houses some of the best dim sum restaurants in the entire country. If you’re looking for an authentic, delicious Chinese brunch experience, check out these five dim sum restaurant recommendations below. (read the story...)

NYC’s Best Bridal Shower Brunches

(April 25, 2017) - Planning a bridal shower in NYC? If so, then you’ll want to check out our list of top bridal shower brunch spots in the city. From an elegant teahouse to a remarkable view of Central Park, these five restaurants cover all sorts of ground. Take your pick! (read the story...)

NYC’s Best Outdoor Food Markets

(April 19, 2017) - Want to make the most of the beautiful spring weather and warm summer sun? Then get yourself to these five outdoor food markets in the coming months. Not only will you get to enjoy the beauty of NYC from the outdoors, but you’ll also get to scarf down delicious city food while you do so. What could be better? (read the story...)

Do the Twist: Where to Celebrate National Pretzel Day in NYC

(April 19, 2017) - April 26th marks National Pretzel Day, so if you find yourself in New York City on that final Wednesday of April, make sure you stop by these great spots to celebrate. Grab a free pretzel at Heartland Brewery, a flavored pretzel at Sigmund’s, or a giant pretzel at Reichenbach Hall—no matter which you pick your pretzel from this list, you can’t go wrong. (read the story...)

Where to Eat Around Madison Square Garden

(April 19, 2017) - Whether you’ve just sat through a nail-biting Knicks game, enjoyed a knockout Billy Joel performance, or explored the famed arena through an All Access Tour, chances are that you might be craving some serious eats following your visit to Madison Square Garden. Fortunately, MSG finds itself located in Midtown West, where delicious food abounds all day long and late into the evening. Whether you’re looking for full-service dining experience or a noteworthy dish that you can grab and go with, these five restaurants will leave you feeling utterly satisfied. (read the story...)

NYC’s Best Popsicles

(April 11, 2017) - New York City has already seen a few warm day so far this year, and the heat isn’t likely to stop anytime soon. Keep cool when the weather gets hot by picking up one of these popsicles. From being chocolate-dipped to being served in class of chilled wine, these popsicles and their vendors will be faithfully serving the New York City population this spring (and summer!). (read the story...)

5 Unique NYC Dining Experiences

(April 11, 2017) - Looking for somewhere special to dine the next time you’re in New York City? These five restaurants below offer some of the most creative dining experiences Manhattan has to offer, whether that be through the cooking setup or the food itself. Take a look below to see which one-of-a-kind restaurant speaks to your heart (and stomach). (read the story...)

New York Coupons: Free $20 Game Play at Dave & Buster's

(April 08, 2017) - Centrally located in Times Square, New York's Dave & Buster's is a casual, super-fun destination for great American fare, signature drinks, and all kinds of video and interactive games—from old-time classics to today’s action-packed latest. There’s also a host of prizes for winners! Double your playing when you double your money with City Guide's discount promo code. (read the story...)

NYC's 5 Craziest Food Mashups

(March 31, 2017) - It’s impossible to get bored of the many culinary options in New York City, and that sentiment is even more accurate in these days of ever-evolving food mashups. Whether it’s a sushi burrito or a birthday cake croissant, NYC will never disappoint those looking for a creative take on a traditional menu item. Rounded up below are our top five NYC food mash-ups. Go on, take a delicious risk! (read the story...)

NYC's 5 Best Farm to Table Restaurants

(March 27, 2017) - Farm to table dining is one the biggest trends taking over the culinary scene, and considering the good it does the environment, the farming industry, and the economy, it’s something New York City couldn’t be happier about. Though the Big Apple is known for its endless concrete and dwindling greenery, these five restaurants have managed to not only provide a farm-to-table experience for their diners, but to excel at it. (read the story...)

NYC's 5 Best Seafood Restaurants

(March 27, 2017) - Given how close New York is from the sea (the East River isn't actually a river at all, connected to the Atlantic Ocean), wouldn’t be wrong to assume that the seafood dining in the city is up to par. In fact, we’d go so far as to say it’s way above par, especially when left in the hands of these five expert seafood restaurants. Enjoy your chowders, your caviars, your squid ink noodles, and your roasted haddocks at any of these fine New York dining establishments. (read the story...)

59E59 Theaters: Off-Broadway in a Central Location

(March 22, 2017) - To see excellent theater at reasonable prices, look into the transparently named 59E59 Theaters, at 59th Street between Park and Madison Avenues. Since 2004, this Off Broadway venue has presented acclaimed live performances six days a week, 50 weeks a year. As a bonus, this is an "uptown" theater, making it easily accessible to visitors and midtown theatre fans. Read on for the best of the spring and summer season at 59E59. (read the story...)

A Midtown Jewel: Topaz Noodle Bar

(March 22, 2017) - Authenticity. Hospitality. Affordability. These three components rarely come together in one place, especially in a part of midtown Manhattan better known for some of the most high-end real estate in the world. Which makes the genuine, flavor-packed Thai food of Topaz Noodle Bar such an unexpected pleasure. (read the story...)

Lower East Side Deli Legend Katz's Is Coming to Brooklyn

(March 21, 2017) - Some good news for New Yorkers! Katz’s, the famed delicatessen will be opening a Brooklyn location in 2017. While the exact opening date hasn’t yet been released, the franchise has hinted that it could be any day now, which leaves all of Brooklyn giddy with excitement. So what should you expect? Let’s go over the details, from where to find the new Katz’s Delicatessen to what you might find on the famed menu. (read the story...)

Central Park Views at New Bobby Van's

(March 20, 2017) - Bobby Van’s is opening their latest restaurant at 40 Central Park South in late March, inviting diners to enjoy exquisitely prepared dishes while taking in breathtaking views of Manhattan’s most beloved park. The new location sits just steps away from the famed Plaza Hotel, which is exciting news for midtown residents and NYC visitors who will be staying in the area. (read the story...)

River Coyote: NYC's Place for Coffee and Wine Lovers Alike

(March 16, 2017) - Newcomer River Coyote brings to the heart of the Lower East Side exactly what it needs: a boutique wine and coffee bar. Whether you want to wind-up mid-day or wind down come the evening, River Coyote is the place to be for coffee and wine lovers alike. (read the story...)

Royal 35 Steakhouse: The Digs, the Food, the People

(February 10, 2017) - Royal 35 Steakhouse opened in Manhattan on January 25th of this year, and already this charming-yet-elegant steakhouse is a must-visit for visitors to NYC. No trip to the city is complete without an impressive steak dinner that you’ll be talking about long after you’ve gone—and Royal 35 Steakhouse delivers just that. (read the story...)

NYC's 5 Best Winter Date Spots

(February 10, 2017) - Just because the temperatures drop and the puffy winter coats come out during this time of the year doesn’t mean that the dating world comes to a halt. While making use of the outdoors can be pretty impossible (or at the very least, miserable) in February and March, New York City has a plethora of indoor date spots to help fill the void. Take a look at our top five picks below! (read the story...)

NYC's 5 Best Fajitas

(February 07, 2017) - Is there anything more exciting than a sizzling skillet of fajitas being brought to your table when dining in at a Mexican restaurant? Doubtful. Naturally, NYC has no shortage of exquisitely made fajita dishes, and rounded up below you’ll find our top five picks (including vegetarian options!). (read the story...)

NYC's 5 Best Offbeat Brunches

(February 07, 2017) - Brunch has officially become “a thing”, especially in the always fashionable world of New York City. While a few Manhattan hot spots have seemed to gain cult followings (and subsequently, two hour long waits), one must never forget that NYC is a trove of hidden gems. Rounded up below are NYC’s five best off the beaten path brunch options, and each offers something unique, from a cabaret show to a doughnut biscuit breakfast sandwich. (read the story...)

NYC Guide to Koreatown's Best Food

(February 03, 2017) - Korean BBQ, soon tofu, hot stone bowls, and ho-dduk…it’s hard to pick just one favorite when talking about Korean cuisine. Fortunately, New York City’s Koreatown has them all for you, and then some! Rounded up below are our top five picks for dining in NYC’s Koreatown, so if you find yourself in the neighborhood, be sure to bring an appetite. (read the story...)

NYC's 5 Best Gluten-Free Restaurants

(February 03, 2017) - Having a gluten-free diet can be a real drag when it comes to eating out…but not in NYC! New York City’s dining game is at the forefront of it all, and you can bet that this city knows how to accommodate all sorts of diets. Rounded up below are our top five gluten-free restaurants in Manhattan, so good, you don’t even have to be on a gluten-free diet to enjoy them. (read the story...)

NYC's 5 Best Burgers

(February 01, 2017) - When you have an appetite for a burger, nothing else can satiate that craving. Fortunately, there are a plethora of burger joints in Manhattan that nail it when it comes to their burger game. From cheese-stuffed patties to cucumber toppings, these five burgers are the best New York City has to offer. When the hankering hits, be sure to make your rounds. (read the story...)

NYC's 5 Best Milkshakes

(January 30, 2017) - A milkshake can turn any day into an extraordinary day, especially if it comes from one of these five NYC restaurants. The milkshakes that are being served at the locations below are far from ordinary, bursting with rich flavors, and perfectly creamed for your stomach’s sweet-craving appetite. Try one, try two, or try them all. (Let’s be real, you’re going to want to try them all). (read the story...)

NYC's 5 Best Buffets

(January 27, 2017) - If you’re looking for a special way to celebrate, be it for a birthday, an engagement, or a friend visiting the city, a buffet is always a winning idea. Rounded up below are five of New York City’s best buffets, and they range from breakfast deals and dim sum offerings to endless pasta and a full-blown Brazilian steakhouse experience. No matter what type of setting you’re looking for, there’s bound to be one below that will fit the bill. (read the story...)

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