The Best of Restaurant Week NYC 2017

(January 10, 2017) - It may be the depth of mid-winter in New York, but you’ll find plenty of possibilities for warmth during 2017 Restaurant Week. A hefty 378 spots participate, rolling out a very affordable red carpet with three-course specials for both lunch and dinner. The cost is a fraction of what you might find other weeks—$29 for lunch and $42 for dinner (not including tax and tip). We've got the best of New York's 2017 winter Restaurant Week, but don't wait too long: the specials start on Monday, January 23rd, and end Sunday, February 5th. (read the story...)

Tio Pepe: Very Tasty Shades of Spain in Greenwich Village

(January 04, 2017) - Tio Pepe has prospered since 1970, and considering this Greenwich Village hot spot is right in the middle of one of the most competitive restaurant neighborhoods in the world, it must be doing something right. It is, in fact, doing many things right. (read the story...)

Celebrating the Season: Private Party Spaces in NYC

(December 13, 2016) - New York restaurants are notoriously short on space, but we've gathered up some great exceptions for holiday and special occasion dining in a private party group space as only New York can do it. (read the story...)

Elevated Experiences: Dining at the Highest Kitchen in the Hemisphere

(December 09, 2016) - To have a meal at the highest dining room in the hemisphere, point yourself toward ONE Dine, the restaurant atop One World Observatory. The fastest elevator in the world gets you here in less than a minute (it’s a very entertaining minute, as you get to watch the entire history of New York flash before your eyes). When you arrive, friendly staff guides you into an airy space that just happens to have some of the best views on the planet. (read the story...)

New York Coupons: Free $20 Game Play at Dave & Buster's

(November 28, 2016) - Centrally located in Times Square, New York's Dave & Buster's is a casual, super-fun destination for great American fare, signature drinks, and all kinds of video and interactive games—from old-time classics to today’s action-packed latest. There’s also a host of prizes for winners! Double your playing when you double your money with City Guide's discount promo code. (read the story...)

NYC's Best Thai Food

(November 22, 2016) - Craving some yellow curry and pad thai? New York City has no shortage of amazing Thai restaurants to help you soothe that craving. Rounded up below are our top five picks when it comes to Thai food in Manhattan, and you’ll find them scattered around the borough. From more traditional dishes to some of the city’s most innovative and creative menus, get your fill of all the good stuff below. (read the story...)

NYC's Best Hot Dogs

(November 22, 2016) - New York City may be famous for its dirty water dogs (you know, those boiled dogs sold on every street corner), but if you’re really looking for a good hot dog to write home about, you don't have to go too far. Rounded up below are our top five picks for NYC’s best hot dogs. It’s stiff competition, so you might need to make a couple trips to each to choose your favorite. Hey, we’re giving you an excuse…go now! (read the story...)

NYC's Best French Fries

(November 18, 2016) - It’s hard to resist a French fry, especially when it’s one of New York City’s best. Rounded up below is exactly that. These five fry joints make up the cream of the fried crop in this food-centric city, and they’re all worth scouting out during your visit here. From poutines and carne asada fries to bacon-topped shoestrings and classic Belgian cooked potatoes, you’ll likely be drooling by the time you make it through reading this list. You’re very welcome. (read the story...)

Where to Have Your NYC Friendsgiving

(November 15, 2016) - Scrap the cooking until it’s Thanksgiving Thursday and let one of these seven New York dining establishments do the dirty work for you and your buddies. Friendsgiving is all about the friends, but you still need some turkey and gravy to seal the deal. (read the story...)

The 7 Best Places for Indian Food in NYC

(November 11, 2016) - Spice-lovers know where to find a good Indian food fix in their hometown, but sometimes it can be tricky to find a great Indian meal when you’re traveling. Fortunately, we’ve rounded up what we consider to be the best Indian cuisine in the city, and we know that all of the New York locals agree with us. Enjoy your favorite curry-filled dishes and spice-infused entrees at these seven dining establishments below. You might not be in India, but that doesn’t mean your food can’t be authentic. (read the story...)

Bobby Van’s Grill: Perfect for Prime Filet in NYC's Theatre District

(November 09, 2016) - An A+ dining experience awaits at Bobby Van’s Grill & Steakhouse in Times Square, a veteran steakhouse smoothly run by General Manager Paul Modica, serving up prime filet since 1969. (read the story...)

5 NYC Restaurant Specials to Enjoy This Fall

(November 04, 2016) - It’s officially November, which means it’s time to start taking advantage of the city’s fall and winter dinner specials while you escape the cold weather to lounge in some of our favorite NYC restaurants. Whether you’re looking for a great happy hour, a prix fixe menu, or a deal on drinks, these five dining establishments below will provide you with a big, ol’ bang for your buck. Take advantage! (read the story...)

NYC's Best Soup Dumplings

(November 04, 2016) - When it comes to winter foods, soup dumplings top our list of go-to orders. Always filled with flavor (and broth), there’s simply nothing like taking that first bite into a bursting soup dumpling. Fortunately, NYC has plenty to offer in that department. Check out these five culinary hot spots to get your fill of soup dumplings. From pork to crab to shrimp, there’s no shortage of hot and soupy meats below. (read the story...)

NYC's Best Pho

(October 31, 2016) - Cooler weather equals soup weather in our book, and pho tops the list of flavorful favorites in New York City. Eating pho isn’t like eating any regular meal. It’s an art. From choosing which veggies you want in your bowl to the amount of mint and cilantro that will top it off perfectly, pho makes for an exciting meal every time. Rounded up below are the top five pho joints in NYC, an if you’re a fan of the steamy soup, these restaurants should be added to your bucket list ASAP. (read the story...)

Be Transported at Zibetto Espresso Bar

(October 28, 2016) - There's nothing like a crisp morning in New York City for getting you in the proper frame of mind for a visit to Zibetto Espresso Bar. Step into one of their three locations in midtown Manhattan and you’ll have the feel of walking into any small café from Trieste to Milano. (read the story...)

NYC's Best Soup Spots

(October 21, 2016) - Soup, glorious soup! There’s nothing like a piping hot bowl of it during the crisp, cool fall and the snowy winter in NYC. Rounded up below are the city's most iconic and delicious soup spots, located all across Manhattan. If you need a little warming up during your trip to the city, grab a bowl at any of these cozy establishments. (read the story...)

Cast a Vote for Deliciousness: Get Your Election Sundae at Serendipity 3

(October 17, 2016) - Iconic restaurant Serendipity 3 takes a bipartisan stand on the 2016 Presidential election by creating an ice cream concoction for each candidate. (read the story...)

European Charm Meets New York Sophistication at 57 Belle House

(October 14, 2016) - Manhattan’s 57th Street is one of the most famous stretches in the world, with its high-powered shopping and elegant residential buildings. For an oasis of hospitality there, point yourself toward 57 Belle House, where you can restore yourself during a daytime outing or relax over a French-American dinner. (read the story...)

The Best Places to Get a Hearty Meal After the 2016 NYC Marathon

(October 14, 2016) - A hearty meal will never taste quite as amazing as after the NYC marathon, and these seven hotspots will prove it to you. Enough cheering, it’s time to get yourself a meal. Go on, you earned it! (read the story...)

Lobster and Steak Special at Morton's The Steakhouse

(October 07, 2016) - Famous for USDA prime-aged beef, fresh seafood, fine wine, and elegant desserts, Morton’s is the ideal place for a memorable dinner. Right now you can enjoy the experience with a great deal on surf and turf. Now through December 30, 2016, get a succulent steak and lobster tail served with drawn butter for only $55. (read the story...)

Best NYC Restaurants for Business Dinners

(October 04, 2016) - A business dinner is an opportunity to wine and dine your client, which is never a bad thing when it comes to making a deal. These seven NYC restaurants will not only impress your business partners and accounts, but they’ll provide the perfect environment for discussing future endeavors. Next time you need to book a business dinner in NYC, make sure you do it at one of these fine establishments! (read the story...)

Where to Get Your Favorite Fall Drinks in NYC

(September 30, 2016) - With every new season comes a new bucket list of beverages to try in New York City, and the fall is no exception. Rounded up below are seven ciders, hot chocolates, specialty cocktails, and pumpkin lattes that will have your taste buds celebrating. Whether you want something spiked, something hot, or something fruity, there’s an autumn-inspired beverage here for you. (read the story...)

Where to Carb Load for the 2016 NYC Marathon

(September 30, 2016) - The New York City Marathon is more than just an event, it’s a city-wide experience! If you’re running in the race this year then you want to be sure to stock up on carbohydrates before the run begins. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean you have to stick to bland food. Grab some food the night before (or replenish after the run) with these restaurants to make sure you’ll have the fuel you need to get you through the 26 miles with energy to spare. Rice, breads, pastas, and pizza… it’s all here. (read the story...)

A Taste of Brazil in NYC

(September 22, 2016) - Whether you’re a tourist longing for the exotic flavor of Brazil or a local looking to spice up your culinary experience, there’s certainly no shortage of delectable Brazilian restaurants in New York City. From casual to posh, Manhattan has a variety of Brazilian destinations with prices that can suit any budget. (read the story...)

Best NYC Spots for Pumpkin-Flavored Treats

(September 12, 2016) - Once autumn arrives, many foodies and flavor enthusiasts start looking forward to the spiced flavors of the season. It seems like every restaurant and bar venue in Manhattan—from the casual to the posh—start to unveil autumn menus, which introduce an array of fun fall flavors. Suddenly food and drinks are awakened with the taste of pumpkin spice, a dash of cinnamon, the taste of apples, and more. Here are a few destinations that celebrate the flavor of pumpkin, just in time for fall in New York. (read the story...)

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