Unprecedented Broadway: Cirque de Soleil PARAMOUR

(January 10, 2017) - It may be teeming with virtuoso acrobats, tumblers, aerialists, unicyclists, and an irresistible clown (Nate Cooper), but Cirque de Soleil PARAMOUR is a world apart from conventional circus creations. Here these acts serve as a Cirque celebration and as a backdrop to one of Broadway’s most creative productions to date. (read the story...)

Eric Petersen Takes the Lead in School of Rock

(December 08, 2016) - The talented children at the exclusive Horace Green prep school in School of Rock: The Musical are taught to strive (but conform); to achieve (but stick to old traditions). Their parents don’t listen to them. Clearly, these kids are ripe for change, and they get it from an unlikely source: schlubby Dewey Finn (Eric Petersen), who has scammed his way into a job as a substitute teacher after being ousted from his hard-rock band. (read the story...)

Aladdin's Genie Brings "A Whole New World” to Broadway

(January 23, 2015) - James Iglehart appreciates a good challenge; while he’s on stage playing Genie in Aladdin, he frequently targets an apathetic dad, grandfather, or uncle in the second or third row and “breaks” them. (read the story...)

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This Week in NYC

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