Try Your Hand at Spells in Brooklyn’s “Hall of Magic”

(January 13, 2017) - Fans of Syfy’s The Magicians will be thrilled to learn that they can now head to The William Vale Hotel in Brooklyn to engage in a fantastical world of mind control, levitation, and spell casting—all inspired by their favorite TV show and book. The best thing about it? This self-guided experience is completely free. Simply reserve tickets online via the “Hall of Magic” website (or if you want to risk it, walk-ins are also allowed to enter, space permitting). If you’ve ever wished that you lived in a magical world, now’s your chance to experience one. (read the story...)

Cat People: NYC Hosts Its First Ever Cat Conference

(January 11, 2017) - Cat owners and wannabe cat owners, it’s time to mark your calendars. For the weekend of March 11th and March 12th, 2017 you’ll want to be in New York City for the first feline-focused conference this city has ever seen (and that’s saying something, because this city has seen a lot): Cat Camp. Cat Camp is going to be the must-attend event for every cat person in the NYC area come early March, filled with vendors, shopping experiences, inspirational talks, and an adoption area. Get your tickets meow (sorry, we had to). (read the story...)

7 Secrets You Didn't Know About the Empire State Building

(January 10, 2017) - With the Empire State Building turning 85 years old this year, we thought it appropriate to divulge some of the iconic skyscraper’s secrets. Don’t worry, you won’t have to be sworn to secrecy over these strangely interesting facts—but you might be surprised by them! From the time it took to build the Empire State Building to the nap pods that once took over an entire floor, these seven secrets are inspiring, intriguing, and in some cases, downright bizarre! (read the story...)

The 5 Things to See During NYC Attractions Week

(January 09, 2017) - Mark your calendars, because from January 17th to February 5th, 2017 NYC Attractions Week takes over the city, and you’re going to want to get in on the action. For a little over two and a half weeks, some of New York City’s most beloved attractions will be participating in a 2-for-1 deal that allows you to purchase two-person admission for the price of one ticket. That’s right, grab your bestie and get to planning, because deals like this don’t come around often. Need some help deciding where to go and what to do? Check out our top 5 picks for NYC Attractions Week below. (read the story...)

5 Indoor Activities for the NYC Winter

(January 06, 2017) - Nobody wants to spend the day standing around outside when temperatures start dropping down into the 30s, 20s, and even teens, but on that same note, nobody wants to spend an entire trip to New York City stuck inside their hotel. Fortunately, there’s a perfect cure-all. These 5 indoor activities below provide hours of entertainment and excitement for locals and visitors alike, and they also keep you from getting frostbite. (read the story...)

Dry January: Where to Get a Mocktail in NYC

(January 06, 2017) - Partaking in Dry January this year? If so, water is going to get real old, real fast… so why not try out some of New York City’s best mocktails instead? Just because you’re going alcohol-free for a month doesn’t mean that you can’t order specialty drinks when you dine out. Check out these five suggestions for NYC’s best virgin cocktails. We promise these mocktails won’t let you down! (read the story...)

Military Savings in NYC

(January 06, 2017) - Being a part of the military has its perks, and these four military and veterans discounts in NYC are just some of them. From free admission to the top of the Western Hemisphere’s tallest building to a discounted full churrasco dining experience at a Brazilian steakhouse, if you’re part of the active or retired military community, you’ll want to take advantage of these amazing citywide savings. Besides, if anyone deserves it, it’s got to be you. (read the story...)

The 6 Mistakes Most NYC Tourists Make

(January 06, 2017) - New York City is guaranteed to provide you with a good time no matter what season of the year you’re visiting, and if you’re planning a trip to the Big Apple, you’ll want to be sure to get as many tips from locals as you can. While there are plenty of things you can and should do while in the city, there are also a handful of things that you shouldn’t. Listed below are the six biggest mistakes that most NYC tourists make. Read them over, and then avoid them at all costs! (read the story...)

5 NYC Museums You Didn't Know About

(January 06, 2017) - Nothing against New York's major museums, but if you've "been there and done that" you may , you might be looking for what else NYC has to offer. Listed below are five museums in the city that we bet you didn’t know about. From The New York City Transit Museum to the Museum of Sex, these five museums will have you feeling like a local… and an educated one at that! (read the story...)

Serious Savings on Theatre, Restaurants, & Attractions This January in NYC!

(January 05, 2017) - Planning a trip to New York City this winter? If so, you couldn’t have picked a better time. NYC Broadway Week, NYC Attractions Week, NYC Restaurant Week, and NYC Off-Broadway Week all fall between January 17th and March 12th, meaning that the winter is the season for deals and major savings in the city. Start planning, because you’re not going to miss out on these city-wide steals! (read the story...)

The Latest Changes to NYC's Subway

(January 04, 2017) - With a new year comes plenty of new changes, and that includes with NYC’s famed (and occasionally infamous) subway system. A new Second Avenue subway? Yes, please! Read on to learn about all the new lines, new stops, and new fares for 2017 that await New York City’s public transit’s future. (read the story...)

Make Sweet Music at a Dylan's Candy Bar Virtual Reality Experience

(January 04, 2017) - Dylan’s Candy Bar began with a mission to “awaken the creative spirit and inner child in everyone,” and their latest in-store virtual reality game takes that dream seriously. Opened December 22nd at the Dylan's Candy Bar location in Union Square, “Playthings” is a 3D experience that adults and children of all ages can enjoy during their visit to the famed candy store. (read the story...)

The Met Opera’s Doors Are Now Open to the Public (Even If You Don’t Have a Ticket!)

(December 29, 2016) - The Metropolitan Opera House is one of New York City’s most beloved venues. Its magnificent architecture and design have made its façade as iconic as the renowned opera performances that take place within its walls. (read the story...)

NYC's 5 Best Nightclubs

(December 29, 2016) - New York City never sleeps. It also doesn’t stop serving booze until 4 in the morning, which means you not only have to plan your days in the city, but your nights as well (and early mornings if you’re really going all out)! Rounded up below are Manhattan’s five best nightclubs, ranging from a live show venue to a rooftop dancefloor with a hot tub built into it. Welcome to the New York nightlife — it’s been waiting for you. (read the story...)

NYC's Best International Newsstands

(December 29, 2016) - Whether you’re visiting from abroad or simply want to get your hands on the latest issue of a foreign print publication, this list of New York City’s five best international newsstands is something you want to be sure to bookmark. No matter what part of town you’re in, there’s a magazine shop that has your favorites. From the East Village to Midtown West, go read something interesting. (read the story...)

Fend Off the February Blues with Art: Epic Sculpture Hippo Ballerina and Friends

(December 27, 2016) - Hippo Ballerina, a fifteen-foot-tall bronze statue by Danish artist Bjørn Okholm Skaarup, will be installed at Dante Park (64th Street and Broadway) on February 7th, and she’ll be sticking around until July 31st. This enormous sculpture will weigh over two and a half tons, and will serve as an artist’s interpretation of themes found throughout ancient myths, art history, contemporary pop culture, and modern day animation. (read the story...)

What to See and Do at the China Institute This Winter

(December 15, 2016) - Winter makes for the perfect time to begin exploring NYC museums. With the dropping temperatures and snowy forecasts taking over the streets of the city, what better season is there to check out Manhattan’s greatest indoor treasures? Highlighted below are three of China Institute’s coolest events and exhibitions that will be coming into fruition this winter season, so if you’re looking for a place to start your museum-hopping during the months of January, February, and March, you needn’t look any further. (read the story...)

Land & Sea NYC Tour: The Best of Both Worlds

(December 09, 2016) - Having trouble deciding between a bus tour and a boat tour of New York? High Quality Tours will solve the problem, as their Land & Sea NYC tour has the best of both worlds. Experience up-close views of NYC’s favorite sites, as well as some perspective, with vantages of the stunning skyline from beyond the shore. Genius, right? (read the story...)

Be Amazed by NYC Christmas Lights with High Quality Tours

(December 08, 2016) - It would be impossible to check out all of New York City’s best Christmas displays in three quick hours if you were traveling by subway. So what do you do when you want to experience all of the city’s holiday cheer during your visit to the Big Apple, but are pressed for time? Easy, you hop aboard High Quality Tours' Christmas Lights Tour. (read the story...)

New Shopping Centers in New York City

(December 07, 2016) - Shopping never gets old, especially in New York City, where new shopping centers and storefronts are constantly popping up all over town. Need the memo on the latest additions to the NYC retail world? Check out these five new shopping centers in NYC, along with what to find there (from clothing to food to impressive histories). (read the story...)

NYC's Best 5 Winter Cocktails

(December 06, 2016) - Hot Toddies, ciders, and spiked eggnogs… oh my! If there’s one thing to look forward to when it comes to the winter, it has to be the specialty cocktails. As soon as the temperatures start dropping below 30, we know exactly where to go to get our evening fix of boozy beverages. Our top five picks for NYC’s best winter cocktails are listed below, and if you’ll be in town for the winter, you’ll definitely want to make the trek (or cab ride) to each and every one of these locations. (read the story...)

Classic Christmas Decorations in NYC

(December 06, 2016) - There’s no better place to spend the holidays than in New York City. We’ve got snow, enormous trees, holiday markets, and holiday decorations galore. If you’re wanting to see the best NYC has to offer this Christmas season, make sure you check out the five classic Christmas decorations we’ve rounded up below. From Rockefeller to Saks Fifth Avenue, these icons are the kind of stuff you write home about. (read the story...)

7 Must Sees at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

(December 02, 2016) - The Metropolitan Museum of Art is unique in its intersection of art and history. Beside some of the world’s most famous paintings you’ll find artifacts galore. From fashion and films to antique furniture and Egyptian temples, there really are few things you won’t find hidden within the walls of The Met. Rounded up below are our top seven must-see exhibits at The Met. Make sure you stop by and see them all. (read the story...)

5 Great Spots to See in the Bronx, as Inspired by A Bronx Tale

(November 30, 2016) - New York City has so much to offer, and not just in Manhattan. The city’s northernmost borough, The Bronx, is filled with interesting sites and a rich culture that every visiting tourist should experience at some point in their lives. Plus, the 1993 film classic A Bronx Tale, based on the life of Chazz Palminteri, is finally coming to Broadway this fall, co-directed by Robert De Niro and Jerry Saks. From the beloved Yankee Stadium to the breathtaking New York Botanical Garden, don’t miss out on all that the Bronx has to share! (read the story...)

Must-Sees at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

(November 30, 2016) - The Museum of Modern Art is one of New York City’s gems when it comes to getting your eyes on famous works of art, and it’s open to the public no matter the season. Escape the cold winter or the summer heat and enjoy everything this beloved institution has to offer, from Pablo Picasso paintings to Frida Kahlo self-portraits. Really, you can see it all at MoMA! (read the story...)

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