Your Mind Is Bigger When You Like Something Beautiful!

04/20/13 | 11am-12:15pm

Aesthetic Realism Foundation

141 Greene St. Map



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Boys and girls will see people and objects newly, as Barbara Allen and Robert Murphy take up sentences by Eli Siegel, founder of Aesthetic Realism, from his book Children’s Guide to Parents & Other Matters: “Let’s take another beautiful thing, a tree. A tree has a trunk, and it has branches and twigs and leaves and the leaves have things in them, too. You see the tree changing as you look at it, and remaining the same. You see curves and straight lines in the tree....I could use other words, but, James, when you feel that something is the same and also changing at one time, you’re going to feel you’re up against something beautiful.” Young persons will be thrilled seeing how the opposites that make for beauty—like the change and sameness Mr. Siegel describes in that tree—are also present in oneself; or a caterpillar becoming a magnificent butterfly; a best friend. It is a wonderful and amazing fact that as a child learns how the opposites are everywhere in the world—for instance, hardness and softness in a baseball, rest and motion in a bicycle, inside and outside in a pet turtle—the confusion, tumult, and also boredom a child can so often feel changes, and he or she becomes happier, more at ease, and truly excited

This event has already taken place. Click here for the latest events.

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