Mitigating Disasters: Earthquake Response in the 21st Century with Gavin Hayes at American Museum of Natural History

09/26/13 6:30pm 200 Central Park West Map
212-769-5100 Ages: Adult

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Gavin Hayes, of the United States Geological Survey's National Earthquake Information Center, presents this special lecture about earthquakes—a natural part of the world we live in. We cannot prevent earthquakes, which are a natural consequence of the relative motions of tectonic plates, which make up the jigsaw puzzles of Earth's outer shell. But in a world in which populations are increasing—notably in megacities that are often located in areas of high seismic hazard—we must learn to better mitigate their impact.

Venue Description: A museum for the 21st century, with a rich and storied past and one of the greatest natural history museums in the world, with over 40 exhibition halls. Open daily from 10am to 5:45pm except on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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