Easter Cantata with Gracias Choir at Calvary Cathedral of Praise

04/19/12 2 45 East 8th ST Map
Ages: all 0

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This April is a very sentimental month, with the production of our new program, the Gracias Choir Easter Cantata. This Cantata depicts how Jesus conquered death and resurrected to bring justification to all. Through choir pieces and a short depiction and message of the resurrection of Christ, the spirit of the season and holiday will be embedded into the hearts of all listeners. Programs G.F. Handel’s Oratorio “Messaiah” I Who was delivered for our offences, and was raised again for our justification. (Romans 4:25) II No. 41 Since by man came death No. 46 The trumpet shall sound No. 51 Worthy is the Lamb No. 52 Amen

We hope to see you in the audience and take part in the music culture we would like to offer the town to enable our community to become a more culturally and musically enriched town.

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