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Steve-O (a.k.a. Stephen Glover) has become a household name and it all started when he snatched a video camera from his father's closet when he was fifteen years old. From there he started producing homemade skateboarding videos featuring dangerous stunts mixed with comical behavior. Eventually, Steve-O's videos made it into the hands of Jeff Tremaine (Jackass Creator/Director/Producer) who was working with Johnny Knoxville to create a stunt based reality show. The rest is history. MTV aired the first season of JACKASS in 2000. In 2001, Steve-O launched his own "Steve-O Don't Try This At Home Tour", establishing himself as an accomplished stage performer, at venues throughout the U.S. and in a dozen countries.

When the JACKASS TV series ended in 2002, the team moved on to JACKASS: THE MOVIE, released by Paramount in October of that year. Shortly thereafter, Steve-O and fellow JACKASS alum, Chris Pontius, were given a spin-off show entitled WILDBOYZ, which aired on MTV and MTV2 and lasted four seasons. In 2006, Paramount released JACKASS: NUMBER 2 in theatres and Steve-O continued to thrill audiences with his outrageous stunts.

On June 7, 2011 Steve-O released his autobiography, Professional Idiot: A Memoir, with publisher Hyperion Books.

In November, 2012 Steve-O will be hosting truTV's wild competition series Killer Karaoke. Inspired in part by the popular Zodiak Media international television hit Sing If You Can, Killer Karaoke challenges contestants to sing a hit song while Steve-O puts them through the most hilarious and unexpected physical challenges imaginable. It's the game show that hits all the wrong notes in the best possible way.

Steve-O has been clean and sober since March of 2008 and lives a healthy, vegan lifestyle in the Los Angeles area.

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This event has already taken place. Click here for the latest events.

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