Chris Hardwick at Carolines on Broadway

04/05/13 through 04/07/13 1626 Broadway Map
212-757-4100 Ages: Teen, Adult $35, $48.50

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Chris Hardwick, creator of "The Nerdist," was born on the starship Enterprise and is the product of two red-shirts that quickly met their demise in a transporter lovemaking mishap. He was banished by the Federation to earth after "inappropriate conduct" on the holodeck with a computer-generated Buffy Summers. Since then, Chris has become a professional stand-up comedian and a self proclaimed nerd. He hosts "The Soup's" geeky little brother show "Web Soup," and plays with gadgets on "Attack of the Show," both on a channel that awkward teenage boys refer to as "G4." Chris is also a writer for Wired Magazine and a talking cow on Nickelodeon's "Back at the Barnyard."

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