'gamin’s Metamorphose' New York Premiere in 2013 DUMBO Dance Festival

09/27/13 through 09/28/13 | 8:00pm

John Ryan Theater

25 jay Street #100 Map


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Friday, September 27 at 8:00PM; Saturday, September 28 at 6:00PM.

“If the presence of one thing is conjured up with a completely different look, is this appearance a mixture of two simple things?” The evolution of the project started from this thought. This work analyzes the structure of music and is transformed by the movements of the human body, giving the piece a completely new look and sound.

Korean-based musician, gamin, will perform Metamorphose, an interdisciplinary artwork that combines sounds and movements, on Friday, September 27 at 8:00pm and Saturday, September 28 at 6:00pm in the 2013 Dumbo Dance Festival. This is a multi-disciplinary and experimental performance that incorporates many different genres such as music, dance, composition, direction, lighting, sounds, and visual arts, without being limited to one genre. In this piece, gamin will play diverse Korean instruments including the piri, a Korean double-reed instrument used in both the folk and classical court music of Korea. This work premiered at Nowon Culture and Art Center in Korea in 2010 with support from the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture. gamin performed a revitalization in June 2013 in Seoul, Korea and plans to perform a new version of Metamorphose to New York. This reformed version is expected to showcase more variety of dance and music than in the earlier work. gamin is currently developing more changes for future shows around world. This performance features the music of Ligeti's Piano Etudes Fem and movement that is made by visual signs interpreting the music. In this piece, the music indicates the movements the dancer makes, creating a synthesis between sound and dance. The nature and form of the music and dance is intact, but this work shows the process by which the performance is transformed. This is like the phenomenon in nature; the caterpillar will gradually transform from a larva and eventually, metamorphose into a butterfly. In the show, the music is analyzed so that the sounds are integrated into the joints and gesture of the body. This performance will show the various appearances of a musician and dancer through a process of communication by featuring the correlation of sound and movement, and then developing and changing sound into gesture. Metamorphose was originally created and produced by the artist, Hyo Jee Kang. Ms. Kang has been working with the theme of communication and dialogue between oneself and others, while at the same time, has been pushing the boundaries of music and movement, symbols, text, light and visual arts, as well as media.

About the artists -

1) Original Director: Hyo Jee Kang -

Hyo Jee Kang is a pianist and composer. She began her musical activity with piano, singing, and improvisation from the age of four.She studied with her principal teacher for several years, Soo Jung Shin.

Ms. Kang has won numerous prizes in national and international competitions, and she has performed many solo recitals and concerts with orchestras. Since 2003, she has been a student at Hochschulefür Musik und Theater Hannover in Germany, where she has studied piano, conduction, and composition.She played has many contemporary music repertoires such as those by Stockhausen, Steve Reich, Vivier, Isang Yun, as well as her own. To widen her experience, she attended master classes and festivals, such as Hamamatsu, Salzburg Academies, Goslar Konzertarbeitswochen, Tel-Hai master classes in Israel, Szombathely in Hungary and Piano Texas Festival with many diverse artists. She was awarded prizes and scholarships and even premiered her own work. At the Piano Texas Festival, she also premiered Bach-Schöllhorn Canon and made her debut as an improviser with “Memoires” .

In Salzburger Sommerakdemie 2005, she was nominated for a “Mozart Prize” in contemporary music, and in the same year, she got the second prize in Young Concert Artist Audition, which is held in New York. Upon receiving “Honorable Musician of Jeju”, she was invited as soloist performer. In Japan, Ms. Kang was invited to perform by violinist Mariko Matsumoto, and also performed in Shunan City. In 2008, she won the “Mozart Competition” in Italy and performed in concerts in Rome and Frascati, as well as in Casa Mozart in Rovereto. Her career as composer started successfully with Ensemble Timf, the most well-known modern music ensemble in Korea. She premiered her musical work, Scent, as the commissioned piece by Tong Yeongat the International Music Festival. Currently, she is composing an opera using the theme of a poet, Isang, and is commissioned by the Korean Music Project, and several instrumentalists, such as Gamin. 2) Co-producer and Performer (Sounds Artists): Gamin -

Gamin is one of the most celebrated Gukak, or Korean Traditional Music artist in Korea. She is a versatile musician that she plays piri, taepyeongso (Korean traditional oboe family) and saengwhang (ancient wind-blow instrument). From a young age, she began training in music and studied with Jung Jae-Guk, the title holder of the Important Intangible Cultural Asset No, 46 for Piri and Daechwita. From 2000 to 2010, she was a member and assistant principal player of the Contemporary Gukak Orchestra at the National Gukak Center, the hub for training and preserving Korean traditional music.

Gamin is also solidly trained in jeongak, classical court music. She also studied the techniques of sinawi, the shaman ritual music that requires strong improvisational skills. Due to her virtuosity, she can play the very authentic jeongak, and switch over to the contemporary sinawi music as well. As a yisuja(yisuja is a title designated to someone who mastered a course study in a intangible cultural asset of Korea) of the Important Intangible Cultural Asset No. 46 for Piri and Daechwita, she tries to preserve traditional music, and enhances the tradition as well. Interested in creating her own music, Gamin has released three albums. Her first album, Attraction, was made to popularize the piri instrument to the general public. Juxtaposition, the second, explores the harmony between an oriental instrument, the piri, and western instrument, the marimba. The third album, Progression, contains more progressive contemporary music and features a variety of instruments, including the synthesizer.

The most recent project, Pal-eum (Eight Tones), is an experimental interdisciplinary project in collaboration with international artists that produces a series of concerts in new formality featuring digital sounds, video art, lighting, fashion and theater. Dreaming to be on upscale global stages, she has been a recipient of several cultural exchange programs and has toured for lecture concerts in the U.S. While staying in New York, she gave a solo recital at Bennett Media Studio, a destination for major television, film, and photo shoots. In addition to her artistic endeavor, Gamin’s current academic pursuit has led her to become a Ph. D. candidate at Seoul National University, while she teaches at Ewha Women’s University and writes her own column for a magazine, “Arts and Culture” .

3) Choreography & Movement: Jee Yun Hong - Jee Yun Hong is dancer, choreographer, educator and artist. She graduated from Ewha Woman University in Korea with a B.F.A. in Modern Dance, and she received her M.A. in Dance Education from the Steinhardt School at NYU in 2011. She has performed various styles of dance in Korea, New York, Massachusetts, Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania and Uganda. As a dancer and choreographer, she has worked with prominent choreographers and was honored to perform at the John F. Kennedy Center for National College Dance Festival in Washington D.C. Her teaching experiences have developed by directing summer intensive programs as an adjunct professor in dance at NYU and by teaching modern dance at the 92nd Street Y. She is always thrilled to teach K-pop dance and to share her enthusiasm for it with exciting movements.

This event has already taken place. Click here for the latest events.

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