Civil War in Manhattan at Joyce Gold History Tours of NY

05/26/13 1pm Various locations Map
212-242-5762 Ages: All Ages $18 per person, $15 seniors

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As the inevitability of the Civil War increased, New York faced conflicts within its varied population. Family connections with the South brought personal strife for some. Business interests dreaded the potential loss of Southern markets for finished goods. Ever present ethnic and class tensions increased.

Once war was declared, New York officially supported the Northern cause. But as the war dragged on, ethnic and class tensions escalated between the Irish and blacks, and the poor and the governing class. Groups actively engaged with the war included shipbuilders, manufacturers, newspaper publishers, humanitarian philanthropists, and soldiers returning from the Battle of Gettysburg.

Highlights include: Abraham Lincoln, the candidate and president Greeley, the abolitionist editor Confederate plot to burn down New York The Draft and Draft Riots The Monitor & New York shipbuilding General Grant, General Sherman, and Admiral Farragut