02/08/12 | 5:30-7:30pm

Trinity Wall Street - Parish Hall

74 Trinity Place, 2nd Floor Map



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Rabbi Shmuley Boteach's groundbreaking new book Kosher Jesus (Gefen Publishing) provides the foundation for a new and stronger understanding between Christians and Jews, and a radically new perspective on the world's most famous personality. Kosher Jesus offers a revolutionary new perspective, based on both Christian and Jewish sources, that early Christian editors attempted to de-Judaize Jesus and portray him as an antagonist to his people, fully Romanized, after the failure of the Jewish revolt of the year 66-70 when the Jews became the most hated nation in the Empire. The truth is, as the Gospels point out, Jesus lived, taught and died a Jew and taught all his followers to live by the Torah's teachings; in fact, nearly all of his sermons were restatements of the Hebrew Bible, as he intended them to be. Rabbi Shmuley's research has also conclusively determined that Jews not only did not kill Jesus, they protected him from Herod, as the Luke makes clear. The Romans wanted Jesus dead because of his insurrection against the Emperor. Rabbi Shmuley hopes these realizations will strengthen Jewish-Christian ties and values, with Jesus (historically the barrier separating the two peoples) serving as the bridge between the two faiths, even as he is understood very differently by two great world religions. The book has already glowing reviews and ignited new dialogue among people of Jewish, Christian and all faiths.

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This event has already taken place. Click here for the latest events.

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