Capture the Charm of Prohibition Cocktails with a Master Bartender at (actual address provided after booking)

Virtuoso Pianist Invites You to His Studio for Exclusive Concert at (actual address provided after booking)

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- Taste a range of Prohibition Era cocktails as you learn to create them on your own - Get to know the basics of bartending: essential spirits, ingredients, recipes and techniques - Host Brian Quinn was trained by the best in New York’s bartending scene - All ingredients and spirits are included in the price

Quality cocktails and the quiet comfort of speakeasies have undergone an overdue Renaissance recently. While there is a lot to enjoy about simply drinking Sazeracs and Negronis, develop a fuller appreciation for what you’re tasting during an evening with Brian Quinn — an event producer and bartender hailing from both the underground supper club and cocktail worlds. You’ll sample a range of popular (and potent) Prohibition Era cocktails while Brian shows you the tools and tricks that go into putting them together. While every sip is rich in complexities, classic cocktails aren’t actually as complicated as you might think. Take a crack at it with Brian after he gives you a rundown of the ratios behind the recipes and how different base spirits work in drinks. And after learning how the classics are crafted, you might just be inspired to make up a cocktail of your own.

- Host and Steinway Artist Robert DeGaetano is a graduate of the renowned Juilliard School and has appeared at Carnegie Hall and around the world. - In an intimate setting, Robert will perform for you a selection of classical and original works on a Steinway Grand piano. - In addition to the private concert, Robert will lead a lively discussion about music and the works performed.

We music lovers were all born 200 years too late. In the 19th century, small groups of friends and family would gather in the parlor for a private musical performance and spirited conversation. It was a special era in arts history, but slowly faded away as recorded music rose to prominence, followed by radio, television, Internet, iPads… We’ve gotten farther and farther away from that one-on-one, emotional connection with the music. For one extraordinary evening, noted pianist and composer Robert DeGaetano will let you experience the lost tradition of parlor music. Join him in his midtown studio for an intimate concert. You’ll witness a true master and the majesty of a Hamburg Steinway Grand. It’s the power of the concert hall in a small, private setting. Robert is eager to answer your questions about the selections played—both breathtaking classics and delightful originals. You won’t just hear; you’ll feel: that unbreakable bond between musician and music, between music and you. Light soft drinks will be available. Guests will be asked to turn off their cellphones and other electronic devices.

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