'M. - Solo for Three Minds (Dialogues with Marcel Proust)' at Theater for the New City

08/19/11 through 08/26/11 63 min. runtime 155 First Avenue Map
212-254-1109 Ages: 12+ $15
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"M. - Solo for Three Minds (Dialogues with Marcel Proust)" devised and performed by Miloš Sofrenovic, text re-translated and spoken by Sheila Sofrenovic. US premiere. (DANCE THEATER) - Johnson Theater - Friday, August 19 at 7:00PM; Saturday, August 20 at 5:00PM; Sunday, August 21 at 7:00PM; Wednesday, August 24 at 7:00PM; Friday, August 26 at 7:00PM. Running Time: 63 minutes | Tickets $15.

"I only know who I am and what I am when I find out who I was and who I was surrounded by." -- Marcel Proust.

Live movement -- performed and perceived in the present -- is actually a temporal experience, in the sense that, once executed, it is constantly analyzed and processed as a revisitation of past experience. Through Miloš Sofrenovi?’s encounter with Marcel Proust's capital work "Remembrance of Things Past," he discovered a strong relationship between three discourses -- Memory, Movement and Monologue. This solo piece, "M. – Solo For Three Minds" (Dialogues with Marcel Proust), investigates this relationship as it is being established and questions it. The subsequent questions became the dramaturgical building blocks upon which this solo performance in 12 scenes is based. It was a three year project and Sofrenovi? gave each one the name "season" to designate its year. Each project has its own name as well. "M. - Solo For Three Minds" (Dialogues with Marcel Proust) by Miloš Sofrenovi?, a performance artist, pedagogue and director who is originally from Loindon and now working in Vienna. It is the second part of a three part trilogy and the second full length piece from Sofrenovi?'s choreographic tryptich, "Three Seasons." He devised and performed his First Season (2009/2010) : "Solo For Three Visions" (Visions of Peter Hanke, Samuel Beckett & Virginia Woolf) to high critical acclaim, bringing him a nomination for the most prestigious state award in choreography "Dimitrije Parlic" at the National Theatre in Belgrade in 2010. Third Season (2011/2012)"Solo for Two Cities" (Imaginary dialogue between Milos Crnjanski's "A Novel About London" and Lawrence Durrell's "Alexandrian Quartet") will close this cycle of solo works exploring the relationship between movement and literature, again devised and performed by the artist himself. Sofrenovi? received his dance and choreographic education as a scholarship student of the distinguished Laban Centre in London. He is also a recipient of several international scholarships from the Serbian Ministry of Culture, Soros Foundation (Belgrade), Dance Web Program (Vienna), Dance Omi Programe (United States of America), Odyssey Dance Theatre (Singapore). Among others he has collaborated successfully with choreographers Ana Sanchez Colberg (London), Kitt Johnson (Copenhagen), Liz King (Vienna), Danny Tan (Singapore), Mikhail Honesseau (Berlin), Pina Bausch (London), Filippo Armati (Locarno), Sonja Vukicevic (Belgrade). He has presented his works at festivals in Belgrade, Zagreb, Skopje, Zemun, Novi Sad, Edinburgh, London, Vienna, Istanbul, Singapore, Stockholm, Graz, to name a few.

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