New York City Police Museum

45 Wall Street Map 212-480-3100
Okay, up against the wall. It's time to shoot your friends -- in a real police line-up photo. The New York City Police Museum is loaded with fun and interesting surprises. Step inside an old-time jail cell, and shut the metal door behind you. See classic, turn-of-the-century mug shots. Check out the spiked baseball bat brandished by members of the original gangs of New York. And ponder the actual handmade burglary tools that landed the infamous Willie Sutton in the slammer.

Entertaining exhibits and videos detail the highs and lows of being a New York City police officer during the past 160 years. You'll hear first person stories about every facet of police life in this city - from the mounted unit, the vice squad, hostage negotiations and detective work to the evolution and empowerment of women on the Force. The Hall of Heroes, which displays the badges of every officer killed in the line of duty since 1854, reminds us all about the bravery and dedication it takes to be one of New York's Finest.

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