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Gulliver's Gate

216 W. 44th St. (btw. Seventh & Eighth Aves.)
Gulliver's Gate

Inside Scoop: Gulliver's Gate

At a time when the planet seems ever more divided, it’s amazing to be reminded that we all share one world. Gulliver’s Gate is one of the most ambitious attractions to ever land in New York, a $40 million extravaganza that allows visitors to travel the Earth without leaving Times Square. Latin America, Asia, the Middle East, Russia, and Europe are all here in incredibly detailed miniature, reflecting craftspeople’s work from around the globe. (You’ll understand New York in a new way when you see the city from a bird’s eye perspective, complete with moving cars and trains). Through the wonder of 3D printing, this is also an interactive experience—visitors can have themselves (and their families) immortalized in 1:87 scale.

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brooklyn bridge gulliver's gate

gulliver's gate water tower

abbey road gulliver's gate

asia temple gulliver's gate

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