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The Best of TV and Film Inspired Hangouts in NYC

(February 22, 2017) - Film and television fanatics might be surprised to know that New York City is home to a handful of bars and restaurants that are inspired by some of America’s (and Britain’s) most beloved hits from the entertainment industry. Beetlejuice, Golden Girls, Doctor Who, and Point Break are just some of the big hitters that have inspired bar and restaurant owners in the city that never sleeps. Want to get in on the action? Check out these five TV and film inspired hangouts below. (read the story...)

6 Great NYC Winter Happy Hours

(January 27, 2017) - Need a way to warm up quickly this winter? Then head to one of these five New York City happy hours. From a wine bar to a chowder house to an arcade-filled dive, these five NYC bars liven up the Manhattan landscape and offer some of the city’s best deals during the country’s coldest months. Cheers to that! (read the story...)

Valentine's Day Date Ideas in New York City

(January 23, 2017) - Whose significant other wouldn't love dinner at a romantic spot? Many New York City restaurants have special Valentine’s Day menus that often carry hefty price tags; others are more reasonable. Of course food is only the beginning in New York: read on for some great 2017 Valentine's Day date ideas. (read the story...)

The Best 9 Warm Drinks for Cold Winter Days in NYC

(January 19, 2017) - A New York winter offers some great ways to warm up, including sipping on these nine hot drinks. Boozy, spiked, and alcohol-free, there’s a warm beverage on this list for all. Make sure you keep yourself feeling toasty this winter. New York City might be dipping into the freezing temperatures, but that doesn’t mean that you have to dip with them. Order a drink and heat up! (read the story...)

Dry January: Where to Get a Mocktail in NYC

(January 06, 2017) - Partaking in Dry January this year? If so, water is going to get real old, real fast… so why not try out some of New York City’s best mocktails instead? Just because you’re going alcohol-free for a month doesn’t mean that you can’t order specialty drinks when you dine out. Check out these five suggestions for NYC’s best virgin cocktails. We promise these mocktails won’t let you down! (read the story...)

NYC's 5 Best Nightclubs

(December 29, 2016) - New York City never sleeps. It also doesn’t stop serving booze until 4 in the morning, which means you not only have to plan your days in the city, but your nights as well (and early mornings if you’re really going all out)! Rounded up below are Manhattan’s five best nightclubs, ranging from a live show venue to a rooftop dancefloor with a hot tub built into it. Welcome to the New York nightlife — it’s been waiting for you. (read the story...)

Professional Bull Riders Buck Into Madison Square Garden

(December 28, 2016) - If you’re going to be in New York City Jan. 6-8 and seek adrenaline pumping action well beyond a live Broadway show or a bustling nightclub, grab a front row seat at the Professional Bull Riders (PBR) 11th anniversary event at Madison Square Garden with the Monster Energy Buck Off. (read the story...)

NYC's Best 5 Winter Cocktails

(December 06, 2016) - Hot Toddies, ciders, and spiked eggnogs… oh my! If there’s one thing to look forward to when it comes to the winter, it has to be the specialty cocktails. As soon as the temperatures start dropping below 30, we know exactly where to go to get our evening fix of boozy beverages. Our top five picks for NYC’s best winter cocktails are listed below, and if you’ll be in town for the winter, you’ll definitely want to make the trek (or cab ride) to each and every one of these locations. (read the story...)

The Best Places for Cabaret in NYC

(November 18, 2016) - If great cocktails and jazzy music are what you think of when you picture a night in NYC, these six city cabaret spots should be on your bucket list. The Big Apple has some legendary residents, and many of them have been known to take the stage at these always on-point cabarets. And as if that isn’t enough incentive to get you headed to one of these six cocktail lounges and bars, the vintage ambiance that can be found in all of them should. You may not be able to travel back in time, but as these cabaret clubs prove, that doesn’t mean you can't appreciate the glamour of the past. (read the story...)

NYC's Best Comedy Clubs

(November 14, 2016) - New York City is filled with some of the world’s greatest talents, from singers and dancers to chefs and news anchors… but let us not forget about comedians! So many of America’s biggest names in the world of comedy got their start in NYC, and there’s a perpetual fountain of new talent showing up in this city every single day. If you want to know where to find them, these five comedy clubs below are your best bet. Who knows, you might even run across a famous face or two while you’re visiting. (read the story...)

Must-See NYC Performances

(October 28, 2016) - It should be considered illegal to visit New York City and not catch at least one show. While Broadway is never a bad idea, there are dozens of other theaters, comedy clubs, and independent productions happening in the city that will make you laugh, cry, and feel oh-so-enlightened after the final applause. Get your fill of NYC’s best performances by checking out our list below. From the Rockettes to a Drunk Shakespeare, you can’t go wrong with any of these talent-filled spectacles. (read the story...)

The Best Bars for Drinking Near NYC's Halloween Parade

(October 07, 2016) - Tis the season for celebrating Halloween—NYC's 43rd Annual Village Halloween Parade is being held on Monday, October 31, 2016 at 7pm—and we've got the bars to drink near it. (read the story...)

Lady Bunny Brings Trans-Jester to Historic Stonewall Inn

(September 08, 2016) - Brassy, sassy drag performer Lady Bunny—a world-renowned DJ and comedienne on the LGBT scene, as well as creator of New York’s annual drag-fest Wigstock, has brought her brazen show Trans-Jester back to New York’s historic Stonewall Inn in the West Village for a second run, now extended through Dec. 28. (read the story...)

NYC's Best Beer Festivals

(August 15, 2016) - Samplings and tastings aren’t just for wine: if you’re a beer drinker, then you know there’s a lot to learn in the world of IPAs, ales, lagers, pilsners, and ciders. Fortunately, you can get your education at one of these seven notable beer festivals that take place in New York City, held during every season of the year. (read the story...)

Best Irish Coffees in NYC

(July 13, 2016) - Irish coffee basically offers the best of both worlds: caffeine and alcohol. Potentially three worlds, lest we forget about the heavy whipped cream that makes it delectable. If you’re looking for a perfect summer nightcap (or really, year-round nightcap), then one of these spiked coffees is definitely the way to go. Slàinte. (read the story...)

Outdoor Music NYC: Get in a Summer Mood with the 2016 Concert Schedule

(June 02, 2016) - New York has some spectacular spots for outdoor concerts. Find our picks for the best spots in 2016 to hear summer music in NYC. (read the story...)

Summer of Games at Dave & Buster's Times Square

(May 31, 2016) - Dave & Buster’s is a casual, super-fun destination in New York for great American fare, signature drinks, and all kinds of video and interactive games—from old-time classics to today’s action-packed latest. This month Dave & Buster’s kicks off the Summer of Games, with a host of fresh attractions, from new menu items to new games to new drinks. (read the story...)

New York Hospitality: The City’s Best Irish Pub-Restaurants

(May 25, 2016) - New York may be a hectic place, but there are a few spots in even the busiest parts of midtown where you can relax and enjoy atmosphere, friendly service, and a good helping of the city’s charm. We've got four great picks for the best in NYC's Irish pub-restaurants. (read the story...)

Upcoming Laughs at Broadway Comedy Club

(May 19, 2016) - The Broadway Comedy Club is New York's premier venue for up-and-coming comedy acts. Check out a legendary space where bright talents like MTV's Esther Ku and Chris Distefano, Rob Cantrell, and Ophira Eisenberg shine. Looking for a laugh or twenty in New York? Read on for what's coming up at the Broadway Comedy Club. (read the story...)

#CollegeComedy Night at Stand Up NY

(May 18, 2016) - Get schooled in comedy every week with Stand Up NY's #CollegeComedy night. Thursdays at 10:30pm, Total Frat Move's Jared Freid puts together stand-up at its finest, with up-and-coming comics you've seen on MTV’s Guy Code, Girl Code, Funny Girls, IFC Benders, Conan, and more. (read the story...)

Game On: Where to Catch Your Favorite Sporting Events in NYC

(April 20, 2016) - As the weather warms up in New York City, so does sports season, at least as far as hockey and basketball playoffs go, plus the return of baseball. Our internationally oriented bars even provide coverage of the buzzing soccer craze that sweeps the globe. Sports enthusiasts are always seeking fun, casual bars and restaurants and we’ve got your best bets for places to catch a game. (read the story...)

Free Admission to Stand Up NY

(March 17, 2016) - If you're looking for a night of free comedy in NYC, look no further than Stand Up NY, which has been keeping New York in stitches since 1986. From Jerry Seinfeld to Chris Rock to Jon Stewart, Stand Up NY's stage continues to be a breeding ground for the brightest stars of today and tomorrow, and City Guide has a discount code to get you in the door for free. (read the story...)

Craft Beer in NYC: Manhattan Hop Spots

(March 01, 2016) - The national rise of craft beer has played out in New York City in some very refreshing ways. Microbreweries—or craft breweries—produce beer in small quantities, with independent ownership. The results are wide-ranging and almost always more interesting than what's poured by large-scale producers. Read on for some happening “hop” spots in New York, serving up the best of craft beer. (read the story...)

Bachelor Party Ideas in NYC

(February 23, 2016) - Say “bachelor party,” and some people think “loud and raucous,” while others go to “cigars and whiskey.” No matter which camp you fall into—or whether you have a completely different angle altogether—we’ve got you covered with some great group spots in New York City. From yachts to steaks to a night at the club, read on for some great ideas for a New York bachelor party. (read the story...)

Your Weekend in NYC: Pera Mediterranean Brasserie

(February 02, 2016) - Weekends are a great time to visit Pera Mediterranean Brasserie, midtown Manhattan's choice for Turkish hospitality, with creative, sophisticated takes on the cuisine of Turkey, Greece, France, and beyond. Saturdays and Sundays you'll find all kinds of specials to enhance an already vibrant scene. (read the story...)

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