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What to Do in Midtown East

(September 28, 2015) - New York's city center is called Midtown, the site of the most famous skyscrapers in the world and a multitude of must-see destinations. Midtown East, which starts on Fifth Avenue and continues to the East River, extends from East 34th Street to 59th Street. Mix and mingle with the white-collar workers teeming through Grand Central at rush hour, drink in the Deco masterpiece of the Chrysler Building, and shop the stores on Fifth Avenue for an unforgettable New York experience. (read the story...)

How To Get Tickets to SNL and More TV Shows

(September 02, 2015) - New York has its finger on the pulse of entertainment and big stars, so while you’re visiting the Big Apple, rub elbows with world-class news anchors, talk show hosts, and a robust lineup of Hollywood’s elite at a live TV show taping. In some cases, all you have to do is show up, albeit at the crack of dawn, and you’ve got prime access to an unforgettable New York experience. Below, find out what you need to know to work your way into some of the most popular TV show tapings in New York City. (read the story...)

Visiting NYC: Etiquette 101

(September 01, 2015) - Here are some guidelines for NYC tipping, taking taxis, and navigating the subway, that will make for a smoother, more enjoyable trip! (read the story...)

Getting Around: New York City Bus Tips

(August 24, 2015) - Everything you need to know about navigating New York City buses, including cost, routes, etiquette and more. (read the story...)

Bringing Your Dog to NYC

(August 10, 2015) - Bringing your dog to NYC: we've got the definitive guide to taking a four-legged companion with you to New York. (read the story...)

Win $1000+ in NYC Prizes Every Week

(May 01, 2015) - Every week throughout 2015, City Guide Win NYC is hosting a free drawing to win more than $1,000 of some of New York's most popular tickets, tours and eats (read the story...)

Getting Around: NYC Subway Info

(March 23, 2015) - Basic info you need to know about using the NYC subway, including the new fare, MetroCard calculator, apps, plus a little trivia. (read the story...)

Getting Around: New York City Taxi Tips

(March 16, 2015) - Everything you need to know about hailing a New York City taxi and tips to maximize your experience. (read the story...)

Gotham Air and BLADE Fly You to the Airport in High Style

(March 09, 2015) - Jet to JFK, dash away to the Hamptons, and soar over the city in one of Gotham Air or BLADE's luxury helicopters. Travel will never be quite the same. (read the story...)

A Guide to New York City Convention Sites

(March 03, 2015) - A roundup of the top five New York City Convention sites, plus information on upcoming conventions, nearby places to grab a bite, and getting around. (read the story...)

Going To and From the Airport? Go Airlink NYC

(February 23, 2015) - Go Airlink NYC provides quick, easy, and affordable transportation to and from New York City's major airports, so you can spend less time planning your transportation, and more time enjoying NYC. (read the story...)

Museums to Visit in New York City

(December 28, 2014) - New York City is home to many world renowned museums, offering you more than 100 cultural institutions. Whether the family wants to explore nature and outer space, or you and a date want to see Monet paintings, you'll find something for everyone. (read the story...)

Tips for Planning a Group Trip to New York City

(December 27, 2014) - If you’re thinking of putting together a group of family, friends, or students to visit, here are some recommendations on how to make a group tour easier! (read the story...)

Best of 42nd Street

(December 23, 2014) - New York City has many famous streets: Broadway, of course, which runs the full length of Manhattan and into the Bronx; Madison Avenue, synonymous with advertising; Fifth Avenue, home to high-end shopping and the Empire State Building; and on and on. Perhaps the most legendary is 42nd Street, the eastern terminus of the first road across the United States and home to the southern edge of Times Square and the Theatre District, the United Nations (at First Avenue), the Chrysler Building (at Lexington Avenue), and Grand Central Terminal (at Park Avenue). In fact, you could spend an entire day in the city without stepping off of it; here are some of the great places you’ll find along the thoroughfare made famous by the Tony Award-winning musical of the same name. (read the story...)

What to Do During the Holidays in NYC

(December 22, 2014) - The winter holiday season in New York City is unparalleled. We’ve included here some must sees during your visit that are sure to create wonderful memories, including Rockefeller Center, annual traditions, holiday markets, parades, and more. (read the story...)

Visiting New York City Museums on a Budget

(December 17, 2014) - Some NYC museums always offer free admission. Some have certain times when you can get in for free. Others have suggested donations; read: pay what you wish/can. (read the story...)

What to Do in Chelsea

(December 11, 2014) - Chelsea, the area west of Fifth Avenue and north of 14th Street to about 30th Street, has long been known for its tree-lined residential streets and the storied artists haven that was the Chelsea Hotel. In recent years, however, it has become a sought-after New York neighborhood with an abundance of art galleries, bars, and restaurants—and the New York offices of a little business called Google. (read the story...)

What to Do on the Upper East Side

(December 04, 2014) - As far back as the the 1800s, the stretch of Fifth Avenue along Central Park was known as Millionaire's Row. This nickname could easily be revived today, as The Upper East Side maintains a reputation as home to old money. But there's much more to the neighborhood than the gleam of Park Avenue high-rises and well-dressed doormen. The Upper East Side attracts millions of visitors each year with a long line of cultural institutions known as Museum Mile, which includes the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. (read the story...)

What to Do in The East Village

(November 26, 2014) - Historically, young artists with big dreams and empty pockets flocked to the East Village. In the 1960s and 70s, this cutting-edge crowd left a cultural imprint that has remained to this day, with a neighborhood full of alternative clubs, experimental music and theatre, fashion boutiques, and tattoo parlors. (read the story...)

What to Do in Times Square, Theatre District & Rockefeller Center

(October 22, 2014) - Times Square is the crossroads of commerce and the performing arts, exhilarating and overwhelming at once. The huge video-billboards and neon advertisements can distract even the most hardened New Yorker, while awestruck visitors marvel at the splashy supersigns, the "zipper" flashing the latest news, the dense displays of head- and taillights, and the constant flow of 1.5 million pedestrians. (read the story...)

What to Do in Little Italy

(October 15, 2014) - On Mulberry Street between Canal and Broome, friendly fellows in smart suits call from the doorways of competing Italian eateries. They beckon you inside some of the area's oldest restaurants for a whirlwind culinary tour of New York's Little Italy. You'll be enticed by zeppoles, tiramisu, gelato, fried Oreos, pork braciole, and sausage & peppers. (Is your mouth watering yet?) If you're hungry, these guys are pretty hard to resist! (read the story...)

What to Do in Greenwich Village

(October 10, 2014) - It's often said that New York's Greenwich Village resembles Paris, with its cobblestone streets, row houses, bistros, restaurants, and bars. The splendid Washington Square Park is also crowned by an arch recalling the Arc de Triomphe. And, like Paris, Greenwich Village has produced a robust list of artistic talents, including Bob Dylan. (read the story...)

NYC Transportation: Getting Around New York City

(October 01, 2014) - New York City is truly the city that never sleeps, with hundreds of flights arriving every day. Figuring out time in commuting, fares, tips and train routes on the spot in a new city can be overwhelming for the mind, as well as the pocketbook. Read on to get some basic information on time and cost getting around NYC — ahead of time. (read the story...)

NYC Annual Events

(September 29, 2014) - Yearly events taking place in New York City, regularly updated. (read the story...)

What to Do in Chinatown NYC

(September 16, 2014) - Everyone thinks of Chinatown when the confetti-filled Chinese Lunar New Year parade rolls down Mott Street every year, but outside dim sum, firecrackers, and dragon dances, Chinatown remains a mystery to most New Yorkers. (read the story...)

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