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Where Can I Get the Best Easter Candy in NYC?

(March 19, 2018) - The Easter bunny will be hopping into town on Sunday, April 1st. Manhattan boasts a variety of candy and chocolate shops to satisfy a range of tastes and budgets. Offerings range from iconic American brands such as Hershey’s and M&Ms to specialty labels such as Li-Lac Chocolates and MarieBelle--a colorful, artistic collection. Stock up on the goodies necessary to craft the ideal Easter basket or treat yourself to these delicacies. (read the story...)

Find Pandora Jewelry and Luxury Watches at NYC's Famous Diamonds & Dials

(March 12, 2018) - Family-owned and -operated since 1959, Diamonds & Dials sells fine jewelry and watches in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. With a prime location in Greeley Square, this shop stands out among all the fabulous retail in the area, including the flagship Macy’s on 34th Street. Come to Diamonds & Dials for an engagement ring for your beloved, a new watch to treat yourself, or other special gifts for your loved ones. (read the story...)

Where to Shop the Trends from New York Fashion Week

(February 21, 2018) - New York Fashion Week, held February 8 through 14th, just wrapped up in destinations in and around Manhattan. Designers offered buyers, A-listers, and other industry insiders a preview of what we’ll be wearing for Fall/Winter 2018. (read the story...)

6 Women's Clothing Stores You Need to Check Out in NYC

(January 05, 2018) - People come to New York City for the two s’s-sights and shopping. When in NYC, you want to make sure to hit some of the not-so-typical clothing stores. Here are six women's clothing stores worth exploring. (read the story...)

Where to Get Your Makeup Done in NYC

(January 05, 2018) - Whether you’re off to a party, a wedding, or an ordinary day, we’ve rounded up the best beauty gurus in the city for your next makeover. Pay for a session with a pro, or go with a complimentary session at a makeup counter (though, FYI, they’ll expect you to buy at least one of the products they use). Find your best face at one of these top-notch beauty bars. (read the story...)

Where to Shop for Motorcycle Gear in NYC

(December 28, 2017) - Even in New York City, motorcycle enthusiasts can find quality gear, a tune-up, and a slick new bike if they go to the right places. At two of the following shops, you can even enjoy a cup of coffee while you consult with an expert about your new ride! And if there’s a biker on your gift list, you’ll find all the swag they could ever want. (read the story...)

6 Clothing Stores for Men You Need to Check Out When You're in NYC

(December 22, 2017) - New York City is a shopping mecca. No matter your style, New York City has something for everyone. And if you want to explore your personal style, well, you have come to the right city to do just that. New York City, of course, has all of the popular clothing chains, but consider checking out some stores that you won’t be able to find elsewhere. Here are a couple of favorites clothing store options for men. (read the story...)

6 New York Toy Stores Kids Will Love

(December 22, 2017) - For most people, New York City is all about Central Park, the endless dining possibilities, and the sightseeing. But, if you’re traveling with kids, you know the importance of adding some kid activities to the mix-like visiting toy stores! Just like anything else in New York, the city offers a lot of great toy stores. Here are some all-time favorites. (read the story...)

Artisan Gifts: Handmade for the Holidays

(December 21, 2017) - As you scramble for last-minute gifts, your thoughts may turn to those of the artisan and handmade variety. And that’s a worthy place for them to go; nothing says, “I put a lot of care and thought into this gift” (even if you buy it at the 11th hour) like something handmade. (read the story...)

Give the Gift of Experience: NYC Classes, Tours, and More!

(December 12, 2017) - t’s time to start thinking outside the store, and look into experiences rather than things; that cooking class/workshop/tour may be just what you’re looking for—even if you didn’t know it. (read the story...)

Great Places to Find Gift Wrap in NYC

(November 28, 2017) - No matter what kind of gift-giver you are, we've tracked down the best wrapping paper in New York City. (read the story...)

Offbeat Holiday Kid Gift Ideas in NYC

(November 28, 2017) - When it comes to holiday gifts, of course kids want the latest hot toy of the season—don’t we all. But sometimes, the gifts that will really speak to them are the ones that they didn’t know they wanted, items that are just a little bit offbeat and unexpected. Following, our picks for some great under-the-radar kids gifts in NYC. (read the story...)

RE:FINE Holiday 2017 Jewelry Sale Begins at Museum of Arts and Design

(November 20, 2017) - The Store at the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) debuted its RE:FINE Holiday 2017 sale in its store, previously known as Redefining Fine Jewelry. RE:FINE marks The Store’s third seasonal foray into fine jewelry for sale. (read the story...)

Shop Nora Gardner for Women’s Workwear in NYC

(November 07, 2017) - A former Wall Street woman, Nora Gardner knows the challenge of finding work-appropriate clothing that checks all the boxes women need. In a perfect world, you would have pieces that are commanding but not too flashy, flattering to your figure, durable rather than disposable, and not St. John-level expensive. (read the story...)

Line Friends Flagship Comes to Times Square

(October 13, 2017) - Line Friends, one of the fastest-growing character brands in the world, has opened its first official flagship store right in the center of everything: New York’s Times Square. The opening coincides with the one-year anniversary of Line Corp’s listing on the New York Stock Exchange. (read the story...)

Best Japanese Skincare Sites in NYC

(September 29, 2017) - Explore the exotic beauty regimen and rituals of Asia, specifically Japan and Korea. A host of New York City spas invite innovative beauty-goers to explore their enticing offerings. From sake soaks to green tea treatments, there are lots of unique offerings, so clear the calendar and book some solo time. (read the story...)

City Point: Brooklyn's New Shopping Center

(September 29, 2017) - If you’re visiting Brooklyn, you’ll find some of the best the borough has to offer all in one space downtown. City Point is an exciting new multilevel structure with food on the basement level and shopping above. The dining area is itself called DeKalb Market, showcasing vendors with roots in Brooklyn. You’ll find Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pies, BK Jani’s Pakistani street food, DeKalb Taco, the transcendent Ample Hills ice cream, and many others. Alongside is a Trader Joe’s if you’re wanting some Speculoos or cheap olive oil! (read the story...)

Vintage Shopping in New York City

(August 15, 2017) - You’re in New York City, one of the most desirable shopping destinations in the world. While we understand why you'd want to spend some time walking up and down Fifth Avenue, there are also plenty of stores around where you can score great pieces that won't break the bank. We’re talking vintage, all the way. Here are just a couple worth checking out. (read the story...)

The Best Places to Find Antiques in NYC

(August 07, 2017) - If you love shopping for antiques, then New York City will feel like a godsend. The amount of collectables, antiques, vintage items, and treasures to be found in this city is immeasurable, and we’ve rounded up the top five places to shop for them below. From outdoor markets to oddity stores, be sure to spend some time shopping at all of these NYC gems. (read the story...)

Hershey’s Chocolate World Is Getting Bigger & Better

(August 07, 2017) - Hershey’s Chocolate World is a Times Square staple, and just when you thought it couldn’t get any better (or any more chocolatey), Hershey’s Chocolate World is about to up their game. Coming very soon, Hershey’s Chocolate World will be moving to a bigger and better location, adding in dozens of new store features and chocolate-inspired experiences. Mark your calendar, because 2017 is going to be a delicious one. (read the story...)

Where to Find the Best Eco-Friendly Non-Toxic Nail Salons in NYC

(July 25, 2017) - We're in the heart of summer, which means baring more skin and donning more sundresses, capris, and sexy, strappy sandals. Now is a a great time to get pampered with a manicure and pedicure. Thanks to a handful of contemporary salons, eco-conscious beauties can indulge without compromising their health. (read the story...)

Unexpected Shops and Goods in NYC

(July 25, 2017) - There’s no shortage of places to shop in New York City, including some stores where you least expect them. These five establishments have goods that will surprise. Whether you’re looking for that simple black T-shirt that’s been on your shopping list for months, or something unique, you are guaranteed to find all sorts of treasures in these five unusual NYC establishments. (read the story...)

New York Charm(s): A Q&A with Pandora Jewelry

(July 12, 2017) - Pandora, one of the leading names in jewelry for more than 30 years, offers women across the world a universe of high quality, hand-finished, modern and genuine jewelry products at affordable prices. Known primarily for their vast selection of iconic charms (and beautiful bracelets to wear them on), Pandora makes it easy to express your personal style in your own unique way. City Guide sat down with Pandora to find out the secret of the jeweler's charm. (read the story...)

Fashion Shopping NYC: Summer Stripes for All

(June 27, 2017) - Summer is the season for the stripe to come out in full force, and from sidewalks to subways you'll find them all around NYC. Look for nautical-inspired along with more fashion-forward takes to fill out your seasonal wardrobe. Blue and white may be the tried-and-true color combo, but 2017 is the summer of anything goes. Pops of pink, yellow, and red make appearances on some of our favorite striped ready-to-wear and accessories. Read on to discover the best stripes to shop in NYC. (read the story...)

What You'll Find at NYC's Hell's Kitchen Flea Market

(June 26, 2017) - Some call it a flea market, and some call it a treasure hunter’s haven. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a first-time visitor of New York City, there’s going to be something new and exciting to be discovered at the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market. (read the story...)

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