Parallel Universe Buddies Show 'James & Jamesy in the Dark' Is a Must-See

James & Jamesy in the Dark: a no-intermission 75 minutes. Two guys from a parallel universe…or alien landing party…or existential playground, who find each other on a dark stage and proceed to illuminate their encounter vis a vis their mutually fashion-forward white-orbed headwear. Eventually they develop a relationshipthey do share the same name-ishwith each other and theatregoers (who, incidentally, offer themselves up to J&J like happy Minions waiting for their orders from Gru).

james jamesy in the dark

As for initial James and Jamesy’s relationship, it evolves in a deft dance of discovery on a stage…in a theatre…where the only edges seem to be the outline of their headlamps. And their worldtouching on Godot (“Why didn’t he come?”) and absurdist improvisation (beware baldheaded audience members)set both inside and outside the theatrical black box, allows them to twist the performance art genre and their characters in gleefully unexpected ways.

I urge you to indulge in the specialize pleasures brought to you by Aaron Malkin and Alastair Knowles, a multi-award-winning British clown duo whose existential shenanigans help us to see the light: in them, ourselves, and in each other.

Do move swiftly, though, as this marks the last weekend these Brits are In the Dark at the SoHo playhouse, their last show being this Sunday, October 14th. 15 Vandam St., 212-691-1555,

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