NYC's Best Water Playgrounds for Kids

If you’ve got little ones, then you know how quickly the hot summer heat can make your day more of a chore than you’d like it to be. This summer, beat the heat by visiting these amazing water playgrounds in New York City. Everybody needs to cool off once that coastal humidity starts taking over the outdoors, so why not do it in a space that’s as fun (and free!) as these ones are?

Best of NYC Water Playgrounds: Teardrop Park (Battery Park)

Teardrop Park


Battery Park is definitely worth a visit with the kids even if you’re not looking to get wet (the Seaglass Carousel is undeniably beautiful!), but if the summer heat does have you in search of a cool-off spot, slip down the beloved 14-foot slide or play in the giant wet rocks at Teardrop Park. Warren St., 212-267-9700,

Best of NYC Water Playgrounds: Brooklyn Bridge Park Waterlab at Pier 6 (Brooklyn)

Brooklyn Bridge Park Waterlab

Image: MichaelPick/Flickr

What’s more fun than playing in some water by the water? Head over to Dumbo to treat your kids to a day exploring the Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 6 Playground which will keep them cool with sprinklers that constantly release water in an enclave of rocks and rubber. 334 Furman St., 718-222-9939,

Best of NYC Water Playgrounds: Ancient Playground (Upper East Side)

Inspired by the Egyptian section of the Met, which is only a block away, the Ancient Playground is filled with pyramids, tunnels, and slides for kids to go crazy over. To keep everyone cool, water also shoots out of both the playground’s walls and scattered columns. East 85th St., 212-310-6600,

Best of NYC Water Playgrounds: Madison Square Park Playground (Flatiron)

Madison Square Park Playground’s water section will keep your kids cool with water spurting from all directions. Water shoots up from giant blocks while a tall standing spinning wheel drops water onto those below… what isn’t awesome about this park? Madison Ave., 212-520-7600, 

Best of NYC Water Playgrounds: Chelsea Waterside Park (Chelsea)

The most memorable part of this playground has to be the the fantastical blue water spouts that cover the area. Along with a small wading spot, kids can stay wet thanks to these imaginative structures that spray water up, down, and even horizontally! West 23rd St., 212-627-2020,

Best of NYC Water Playgrounds: Heckscher Playground (Central Park)

Leave it to Central Park to have not one, but two of the city’s best water playgrounds. Heckscher Playground has been around since 1927, and it’s as beloved today as it ever has been, both shooting water up from fountains as well as providing a cooling stream of water that leads to the park’s pyramid peak. 65th St. Transverse, 212-310-6600,

Best of NYC Water Playgrounds: East River Park (Lower East Side)

Even if you’ve been to East River Park before, you might not have yet stumbled upon the water playground area that’s located near the Williamsburg Bridge. An assortment of geysers randomly shoot gallons of water from their spouts, making it a fun game for kids to try and guess where the water will be coming from next. East River Promenade, 212-639-9675,

Best of NYC Water Playgrounds: Imagination Playground (Financial District)

Imagination Playground

 flickr/Ethan Wolff

We couldn’t complete this list without mentioning Imagination Playground, an innovative play space for children of all ages. Blue foam is provided for visitors to create their own designs while sprinklers keep the temperature down and water-filled barrels keep the fun level up. 2 Fulton St., 212-639-9675,

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