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Dry January: Where to Get a Mocktail in NYC

Partaking in Dry January this year? If so, water is going to get real old, real fast… so why not try out some of New York City’s best mocktails instead? Just because you’re going alcohol-free for a month doesn’t mean that you can’t order specialty drinks when you dine out. Check out these five suggestions for NYC’s best virgin cocktails. We promise these mocktails won’t let you down!

Best of NYC Mocktails: Paradise City @ The NoMad Bar (Flatiron)

The NoMad Bar

The NoMad Bar offers a variety of “Soft Cocktails” on their dining menu, including one that incorporates Green Tea and Sheep’s Milk and another that gets adventurous with a Pickled Passion Fruit ingredient. However, it’s the Paradise City cocktail that grabs us by our taste buds. The drink’s unique flavor comes from a blend of tart Grapefruit and Passion Fruit and smooth Vanilla and Cream. To add in an extra bit of fun, Sparkling Mineral Water gives the beverage some fizzy texture. The NoMad Hotel, 10 W. 28th St., 212-796-1500,

Best of NYC Mocktails: Harvest Bellini @ The Modern (Midtown West)

The Modern

The Modern, no doubt, has an extensive list of cocktails, wines, and beers to choose from, but their dry menu manages to hold its own as well. The Harvest Bellini is our recommendation, a concoction of Sparkling Apple Cider, Pumpkin, Passion Fruit, and Black Pepper. There’s so much to taste in this drink, and such a variety of ingredients, you can gulp it down any time of the year. Fall, winter, spring, or summer? Drink up! 9 W. 53rd St., 212-333-1220,

Best of NYC Mocktails: Cosmonot @ Gramercy Tavern (Flatiron)

Gramercy Tavern

It feels wrong to be in New York City and not order a Cosmopolitan. Unfortunately, if you’re not drinking during the month of January, that ain’t going happen. Fortunately, the Gramercy Tavern serves up a flavorful Cosmonot to help fill the void. Made with Pinot Noir Juice, Grenadine, and Citrus this mocktail is fancier than most, and you can bet that it comes in a classic martini glass to add on an extra layer of frills. 42 E. 20th St., 212-477-0777,

Best of NYC Mocktails: Mate @ Rouge Tomate (Chelsea)

Rouge Tomate

The Mate is only served seasonally at Rogue Tomate, so you may want to call ahead to make sure that it’s on the menu after January. Though that being said, we bet if you ask real nicely, the bartender will make it for you no matter the season. Made with Mate tea, wildflower raw honey, lemon-rosemary shrub, and sage, this beverage will be one of the most calming (and most delicious) you’ve every guzzled down. 126 W. 18th St., 646-395-3978,

Best of NYC Mocktails: Plum’s The Word @ Vandal New York (Lower East Side)

Plum's The Word

How often do you have plum in your cocktails? Not often enough. Vandal’s most popular virgin cocktail, Plum’s the Word, incorporates Plum Puree, Lime Juice, Fresh Cucumber, and Ginger Beer in its ingredient list, and it’s every bit as refreshing as it sounds. The Ginger Beer adds just the right amount of kick while the Fresh Cucumber keeps the drink soothing and smooth. 199 Bowery, 212-400-0199,

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