New Attractions in New York City: NFL, Nat Geo & More!

The beautiful thing about New York City is that everything is always changing, and that extends to the city's latest class of attractions. Rounded up below are our top five picks for NYC’s coolest new attractions, ranging from a virtual reality hangout to a digital exploration of the deep blue sea.

Best of NYC Newest Attractions: VR World (Midtown East)

Experience over 50 unique virtual reality opportunities at VR World. With each VR experience lasting between five and ten minutes, you can squeeze in quite a few during your visit. Experiences include The Climb, Fruit Ninja, Tilt Brush, Space Pirate Trainer, Job Simulator, and more. Take advantage of the $39 Launch Promo, and if you become a fan, a membership may be the way to go. 4 E. 34th St., 347-915-5802,

Best of NYC Newest Attractions: NFL Experience (Midtown West)

victory tunnel nfl experience times square

Forget being a sports fan, become a player! At the NFL Experience, visitors can do just that, exploring the NFL’s rich history and even joining in on some of the action. Along with video displays, jumbotrons, and an assortment of football items, there are also over 20 interactive touchscreen stations for visitors to enjoy. No team gets left behind here, either, with Jets, Giants, and the rest of the 32 NFL teams making an appearance. 20 Times Sq., 646-863-0088,

Best of NYC Newest Attractions: National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey (Midtown West)

Opening on October 6th, National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey is an innovative attraction that will allow visitors to experience the depths of the sea like they never have before. Making use of ground-breaking technology, adults and children alike can get up close and personal with undersea life, including great white sharks and humpback whales. Sure to be a major city attraction, you won’t want to miss out on Ocean Odyssey. 226 W. 44th St., 646-308-1337,

Best of NYC Newest Attractions: SPYSCAPE HQ


Opening in late 2017 in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, SPYSCAPE HQ is a new kind of destination which aims to change the way we see the world. Visitors will be immersed in the secretive universe of intelligence agencies, hackers, code-breakers and investigative journalists. World-class architecture, artifacts, design and technology combine to provide a uniquely personalized experience in which visitors test their skills and discover their inner spy.

Best of NYC Newest Attractions: Gulliver’s Gate (Midtown West)

Want to make your way around the globe over the course of an hour? At Gulliver’s Gate, you can! This unique establishments has scaled-down miniatures of the world’s most interesting cities, attractions, and landmarks. Taking up the width of a full city block, Gulliver’s Gate is more than just a quick display case — it’s an experience waiting to be had by all. Children, in particular, will have a blast exploring the many different scenes at Gulliver’s Gate. 216 W. 44th St., 347-507-6464,

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