NYC: A Trip for Business and Pleasure

When you take a trip into New York City, there’s so much to see and do. However, if you want to really make it worthwhile, it’s useful to mix business with pleasure using a split agenda. This type of idea is suitable if you’re considering a change in career or want to get a decent feel for what life would be like to live and work in the Big Apple before actually moving there.

Combining some vacation travel to enjoy what the city has to offer along with a little information gathering is a great way to do a little bit of everything.

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Make a List of Must-See Attractions

New York has so many attractions to see. Of course, scores of them are situated in Manhattan, but there’s still plenty to enjoy in and around New York state too. However, tourists usually find themselves spending the majority of their time exploring different places within Manhattan because it’s so iconic.

It’s impossible to get around to seeing everything. Whether you’re attracted to the idea of a boat ride out to view the Statue of Liberty, riding the elevator to the top of the Empire State Building for a little Sleepless in Seattle movie nostalgia, or to stroll aimlessly through Central Park; it’s all possible in NYC.

Narrow down your choices by making a list of the must-see things to do and places to visit. Figure out how many days you’ll devote to sightseeing, and don’t try to pack too much into each day, otherwise you’ll be rushing around and won’t enjoy it as much.

Transit Time & Queues

Depending on what places you’ll be visiting, it can take a while to get to and from each location. While you can hail a cab, getting an Uber or Lyft is another option within Manhattan. If you haven’t been there before, Manhattan is more expansive than it seems with distinct neighborhoods. It’ll be necessary to use transport to get around while you’re there.

With Uber, they offer both ‘Pool’ shared rides for up to two people and UberX just for you. It’s also possible to arrange airport transfers via Uber from JFK, LaGuardia, or Newark Liberty airports.

Also, consider how long you’ll spend in queues waiting to get inside the venue or attraction. Factor this into your planning for each day as well.

Mixing in a Little Business Too

Regardless of whether you’re interested in being a school nurse in New York City or are involved in another profession, working in NYC is different from vacationing there. It’s a good idea to visit at least one of the four other boroughs within New York to get a feel for how it differs to Manhattan.

For instance, with certain professions like nurses or police officers, it’s necessary to fit into the local neighborhood. The kids need to feel that you belong and are one of them. You’ll likely not stay in Manhattan, due to the costs, and situate yourself elsewhere. For that reason, it’s sensible to explore other parts of New York during your visit to get a better feel for your surroundings. Make sure the commute is doable before you plan your move. And don’t forget to research what the profession entails. For example, if you are interested in being a school nurse in New York, research what you need to know before you make the move.

It’s great to visit New York on vacation, whether for a special time of year or to take in a couple of Broadway shows. If you need to sprinkle in a little business too, then add enough extra time to comfortably do so too.

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