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Red Peony: Midtown's Newest Chinese Restaurant

Located near the best Fifth Avenue shopping and Central Park, Red Peony is an exciting new Chinese restaurant. Serving a blend of Cantonese dim sum, Szechuan, and the best soup dumplings around, Red Peony makes a perfect lunch or dinner spot in midtown. 

Red Peony

Red Peony’s wide-ranging menu includes dim sum dishes like Crispy Bacon Roll and Shrimp Roll, sticky rice, and tender Beef Ribs in Black Pepper Sauce. These dishes, along with a pot of warm tea, make a perfect brunch meal to kick off your weekend. 

During the week, Red Peony offers lunch specials for office workers and visitors alike. With a choice of fried rice or spring roll, as well as a choice of soups, savor lunch entrees like Double Cooked Pork with Spicy Plum Sauce or General Tso’s Chicken. These deals range from $11.95 to just $13.95 for a flavorful, filling lunch. 

Red Peony

At dinner, sit and relax while Red Peony’s courteous wait staff puts you right at home. Don’t miss the house’s standout Pork Steamed Soup Buns for an appetizer, and throw in an order of dumplings (filled with veggies, pork, or seafood) while you’re at it. The “Cold Appetizers” menu is inspired by Shanghai cuisine and features standouts like Drunken Chicken and Five-Spiced Braised Sliced Beef. 

Try a Chef’s Special dish from Chef Eric, such as Peking Duck or Crispy Shredded Spicy Beef with a sweet, spicy sauce. Another highlight of the entree menu is the Whole Fish with Dry Pepper in Hot Spicy Oil. From the extensive seafood menu, we’ll point out the Lobster with Ginger and Scallion and the flounder (order it pan-fried for a delicious crispy texture). 

The restaurant opened in late August 2019, offering two floors of dining space to shoppers, theatre-goers, and workers alike. The rooms are filled with white tablecloths and red accents like upholstered chairs, plus a mural of red peony flowers greeting guests right inside the door. Diners can also order their dishes to-go or via free delivery (order online here).

Private parties should take advantage of Red Peony’s second-floor dining room, which accommodates about 50 guests in a well-appointed room overlooking West 56th Street. The staff at Red Peony will be happy to host you!

Red Peony also offers a special discount for a like or follow on social media. Add Red Peony on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to receive 10% off your next dine-in order!

Red Peony is located at 24 W. 56th St. Call 212-380-8883 for reservations, or visit to learn more. 

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Merrill Lee Girardeau lives and writes in Brooklyn.

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