Go Behind the Scenes with THE RIDE's Own RIDEumentary

Part show. Part ride. All entertainment. THE RIDE is a one-of-a-kind experience that turns the streets of New York into a stage, as audience members face sideways looking out of floor-to-ceiling glass windows. Stadium seating, monitors, LED lights, and surround sound make THE RIDE the world’s only moving theater. Think of it as a "Broadway show on the street"and if that's not painting a clear enough picture, THE RIDE has a new behind-the-scenes video that explains it all.

THE RIDE has debuted a documentary-style YouTube video that shows off the pulse and energy of the city. The footage starts in THE RIDE's offices, where you can see the talent getting ready to perform. From there, watch the charismatic hosts engaging with the audience on THE RIDE's one-of-a-kind multi-million-dollar motor coach. You'll also catch some of the performances that happen along the way, from dance to song to an incredible improvised rap. Get caught up in the dynamic spirit of New York City with THE RIDE's very own RIDEumentary.

the ride nyc on the simpsons

(It's not the only footage of THE RIDE floating around right now. The Simpsons put THE RIDE into pop culture history with Season 27's Episode 18, shown on April 10, 2016, which featured a comedic take-off of THE RIDEwe'd recognize that bank of LED lights anywhere!)

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