Promenade Luxe List -Natural-Color Diamonds, Rare and Exotic

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then natural-color diamonds are assuredly her most precious BFF. They are far more rare (1 in 10,000 diamonds!), far more exotic (think periwinkle, azure, cognac), and, of course, far more pricey than their dazzling, colorless cousins. Just as with “white” diamonds, many factors impact the cost of a natural-color stone, but the basics include its size and the scarcity and intensity of the hue. Prized by women all over the globe, they are also mined all over the globe:  The famous Argyle Mine in Western Australia is known for its superlative blush diamonds; Kelly green stones hail from South America; lemony-yellow and cobalt from South Africa; and from Siberia, intense lavenders and violets. Jeffery Post, president of the Natural Color Diamond Association, explains why they are so coveted: “They are truly a miracle of nature, and each and every stone, unlike colorless diamonds, is totally unique, a one-of-a-kind jewel, a treasure.” Just what makes the colors? Bits of trace elements, like nitrogen, boron, or hydrogen, might interact with the carbon atoms, and then succumb to tremendous geo-pressure—and, ultimately, that pressure can twist the diamond’s crystal structure—et voilà! Nature’s “misfit” becomes a priceless rarity to cherish.

In this stunning “Rivière” necklace by Wempe, sunny, lemon-colored and white diamonds, set in 18-kt. white gold, alternate; the necklace features 41 princess-cut white diamonds (15.11 carats) and 55 radiant-cut, fancy yellow diamonds (55.46 carats). $755,000. Wempe, 700 Fifth Avenue (55th Street); 212-397-9000, 800-513-1131;

From designer Scarselli, a show-stopping, fancy blue diamond (2.6 carats), in an elegant cushion cut, is accented with pavé white diamonds and set in platinum. Price upon request. By appointment only at Scarselli Diamonds, 589 Fifth Avenue (47th/48th Streets); 212-768-1877;

From Cora International, horizontal and vertical rows of gleaming white diamonds are punctuated with 32 fancy-colored diamonds (7.43 carats), which are aglow in shades of cognac, lemony-yellow, and autumnal tones, all set in 18-kt. white gold. Price upon request. By appointment only at Cora Fine Jewelry Salon, 590 Fifth Avenue (47th/48th Streets), 17th Floor; 212-781-2672, 888-971-2672;

Set in yellow gold, the “Arpeggia” bracelet from De Beers sports 641 white, cognac, and yellow brilliant-cut, round diamonds (carat weight, 32 carats) in nine lines, encircling the wrist in sparkling brilliance. Price upon request. De Beers, 703 Fifth Avenue (55th Street); 212-906-0001;

Sweet and sedate, this pair of “Yamuna” bangles from Reinstein Ross is a perfect duo, with their twinkling colored diamonds arranged in a delicate motif.  Set in 20-kt. peach gold, the bracelets are accented with natural champagne diamonds (top) and natural cognac diamonds (bottom). $9,900 each. Reinstein Ross, 29 East 73rd Street (Fifth/Madison Avenues); 212-772-1901; 122 Prince Street (Greene/Wooster Streets); 212-226-4513;

You’ll think it’s raining confetti-diamonds with Finnesse Diamonds’ ladylike, multi-colored, fancy bracelet (4.62 carats) set in 18-kt. white gold, complemented by 1.8 carats of white diamonds. $36,500. By appointment only at Finnesse Diamonds, 590 Fifth Avenue (47th/48th Streets), 15th floor; 212-391-5445, 888-918-8288;

Delicate pear-shaped, drop earrings from Stephen Russell feature pink and blue fancy diamonds; they are set in platinum and accented with borders of white diamonds. Price upon request. Stephen Russell, 970 Madison Avenue (76th Street); 212-570-6900;

A fetching flower brooch from Aaron Basha, aglow with 17.5 carats of sparkling diamond petals and leaves, all set in 18-kt. white gold, and accented stylishly with stamens of pink diamonds, set in 18-kt. yellow gold. Price upon request. Aaron Basha, 685 Madison Avenue (61st/62nd Streets); 212-644-1970, 212-935-1960;

An eye-popping, fancy, radiant-cut, yellow diamond (30.04 ct.) ring from Jacob & Co., emblazoned with 2.47 ct. trapezoid diamonds on the sides and fancy, round yellow and white diamonds accenting the mounting, all set in 18-kt. yellow gold and platinum. $1,600,000. Jacob & Co., 48 East 57th Street (Madison/Park Avenues); 212-719-5887;

Designer Kristin Hanson’s “Falling Star” necklace billboards fancy pinkish-brown diamonds (carat weight, 7), ranging from .15 to .3 carats. The 18”-long necklace, in 18-kt. yellow gold, has a satin-finish. $42,800. Kristin Hanson Fine Jewelry, 60 Reade Street (Broadway/Church Street); 212-374-9274, 212-374-9001;