What's Good to Do on a Day in Washington Heights?

What's good to do on a day in Washington Heights? New York City has many famous neighborhoods, but to mix it up you might also explore a neighborhood that might take a little longer to get to, depending where you're located, such as Washington Heights. Located close to Harlem on the north side of Manhattan, Washington Heights has a lot to offer its visitors.

1. Fort Tryon Park

Fort Tryon Park

Heading up to Washington Heights is a great excuse for a day outside. The neighborhood has a lot to offer, like Fort Tryon Park. After spending some time in Midtown, Manhattan it feels strange to only be a subway ride away from this beautiful, tranquil park. Here you'll also find the famous The Met Cloisters, a place to see incredible medieval art.

2. Swindler Cove Park

Swindler Cove Park

Photo: Javi Saiz

Swindler Cove Park is another picturesque public park that goes along the Harlem River. This is a great place if you’re interested in winding down a little while still experiencing the city. This hidden park can easily be accessed by a short walk from the 1 train. It is also a great place for the entire family!

3. Taszo Espresso Bar

A great coffee spot is a must during your visit is essential. Especially if you’re new to the neighborhood, you’ll end up walking around for a while checking out the place. Knowing already where you’ll be getting your caffeine fix is an advantage, and Taszo Espresso Bar makes really strong coffees. You’re welcome.

4. La Casa Del Mofongo

La Casa Del Mofongo

When in Washington Heights, you should really try some real, authentic Dominican fare. At La Casa Del Mofongo you’ll be in safe hands if this is your first time trying this delicious cuisine. Alongside great food, the place also offers live music so while it can get a little loud it’s a great option for a night out with friends! 

5. Le Chéile

Le Cheile

After a long day of walking around, taking in everything a new neighborhood has to offer in terms of views, sights, and food, the lovely Irish restaurant Le Cheile is the perfect spot to sit down and relax.

About the author: Nina is the Engagement and Corporate Communications Analyst for RentHop, a national apartment rental site based in New York City. She moved overseas from Norway three years ago and has since been living and working as an expat in New York, enjoying everything the city has to offer.