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Evan Levy runs fable & lark, which offers interactive museum tours inspired by great stories. See for all the details.

What to See at NYC Museums This Spring

(February 16, 2018) - This spring, New York museums are offering a mix of the crowd pleaser (think: Impressionists) and the edgy—sometimes under the same roof. So while spring may spring outside, it’s also a good time to stay indoors and see what’s new. (read the story...)

Offbeat Valentine's Day Ideas in NYC

(February 05, 2018) - Anyone can go the dinner and dancing routine for Valentine’s Day; you’re looking for the unexpected, the offbeat side of New York City. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up a selection of, shall we say, more unusual options, from a carousel to the opera. After all, when you’ve whirled around in a luminescent jellyfish with someone, you’ll get a pretty good idea of whether your relationship is one for the ages—or not. (read the story...)

Artisan Gifts: Handmade for the Holidays

(December 21, 2017) - As you scramble for last-minute gifts, your thoughts may turn to those of the artisan and handmade variety. And that’s a worthy place for them to go; nothing says, “I put a lot of care and thought into this gift” (even if you buy it at the 11th hour) like something handmade. (read the story...)

Give the Gift of Experience: NYC Classes, Tours, and More!

(December 12, 2017) - t’s time to start thinking outside the store, and look into experiences rather than things; that cooking class/workshop/tour may be just what you’re looking for—even if you didn’t know it. (read the story...)

Holiday Happenings at New York City Museums

(December 08, 2017) - Come holiday time in New York, visitors flock to feel-good seasonal experiences. The museums of the city lead the way, with some incredible displays and programs. Enjoy them while you can! (read the story...)

What to Do in NYC on Christmas Eve

(December 01, 2017) - Ah, Christmas Eve. Stay in or go out? Take in a show or do some final shopping? It’s one of your last chances to catch the city in all its holiday finery, so we vote for going out. (read the story...)

Great Places to Find Gift Wrap in NYC

(November 28, 2017) - No matter what kind of gift-giver you are, we've tracked down the best wrapping paper in New York City. (read the story...)

Offbeat Holiday Kid Gift Ideas in NYC

(November 28, 2017) - When it comes to holiday gifts, of course kids want the latest hot toy of the season—don’t we all. But sometimes, the gifts that will really speak to them are the ones that they didn’t know they wanted, items that are just a little bit offbeat and unexpected. Following, our picks for some great under-the-radar kids gifts in NYC. (read the story...)

Edvard Munch: Between the Clock and the Bed at Met Breuer

(November 22, 2017) - The sprawling exhibit Edvard Munch: Between the Clock and the Bed at the Met Breuer, categorized by theme rather than chronologically, includes 43 of Munch’s works, created over 60 years. (read the story...)

What to Do in NYC Over Thanksgiving Weekend

(November 14, 2017) - There’s nothing like the warm glow that a surfeit of food, friends, relatives, and perhaps a touch football game or a brisk walk can bring on; they're Thanksgiving traditions, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. But many people are secretly glad to get back to the real world after the holiday, and if you’re in New York, Thanksgiving weekend offers a bundle of seasonal activities. (read the story...)

Thanksgiving Alternatives in NYC

(November 13, 2017) - After the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade has ended and Santa has officially heralded in the holiday season, you may find yourself with some time on your hands. What to do? This year, eschew shopping and squabbling with relatives and try out some alternative experiences in New York City. (read the story...)

Josef Albers in Mexico | New Exhibition at the Guggenheim

(November 08, 2017) - Artist Josef Albers was best known for his vivid abstract paintings. A new show at the Solomon R. Guggenehim Museum provides fresh context on that work with a focus on Albers’ black and white photographs, as well as his photo collages, in the newly opened Josef Albers in Mexico. (read the story...)

'Art and China after 1989: Theater of the World' Opens at the Guggenheim

(October 18, 2017) - The first thing you’ll notice when you enter the Guggenheim to see the exhibit Art and China after 1989: Theater of the World is what appears to be an enormous dragon, hanging overhead. It’s one of the signature pieces in the exhibit, and it’s impossible to miss. It’s 65 feet long and made from bicycle inner tubes; in its body, toy cards are nestled. It’s an image both familiar and strange, which might be the leitmotif of the show. (read the story...)

NYC Halloween Events for Families

(October 13, 2017) - If it seems like Halloween comes earlier and earlier every year; it’s not just your imagination. The good news is that you have a seemingly endless array of Halloween choices coming up in New York. Let’s boo! (read the story...)

Sonic Arcade: Shaping Space with Sound at the Museum of Arts and Design

(September 22, 2017) - The Museum of Arts and Design generally deals in hands-on materials, like wool or glass or clay. For the new exhibition Sonic Arcade: Shaping Space with Sound, the “material” they're dealing with is sound, and they’ve turned the museum into a multi-level sonic playground in which the visitor becomes an integral part of the experience. (read the story...)

Can't-Miss Culture: Fall Museum Exhibits in NYC

(September 19, 2017) - Fall is upon is, which means that a roster of high-profile museum exhibitions about to open at institutions across New York City. Read on for our picks for the can't-miss culture come up this autumn. (read the story...)

Last Minute Summer Fun for Kids and Families in NYC

(August 15, 2017) - Now that it’s August, school looms on the horizon for New York kids. But families, you’ve still got a few last weeks to cram in some summer fun. So head to an amusement park, a formal garden, or an obstacle park in the sky. There’s no shortage of summer fun in New York City. (read the story...)

Into the Mystic: The Guggenheim Looks at The Salon de la Rose + Croix

(July 12, 2017) - The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum has headed into the mystic. Diving into a rarely seen realm of late 19th-century art, the institution's newest show is Mystical Symbolism: The Salon de la Rose + Croix in Paris, 1892-1897, up through October 4 and featuring an intriguing series of Rosicrucian art. (read the story...)

American Visionary: John F. Kennedy’s Life and Times at the New-York Historical Society

(June 28, 2017) - When you look at the photographs in the new exhibit American Visionary: John F. Kennedy’s Life and Times at the New York Historical Society (on view through January 7, 2018), you’ll probably have the sensation that you’ve seen them all before: JFK in the White House, his kids joyfully playing nearby; JFK with wife Jackie at an event, both of them elegant and assured. You feel like you’re intimately acquainted with the photos; a few of them, in fact, you’ll feel like you know as well as you do your own family photos. (read the story...)

One World Observatory: The Past Is Present

(May 23, 2017) - A trip to the observation deck of One World Observatory carries with it a particular set of expectations. It’s not just: How will the view be? It also carries, of course, the weight of its past, of 9/11 and its aftermath. Happily, the One World experience offers just the right measure of gravitas and time for reflection. (read the story...)

Seeing New York in Style: High Quality Tours

(April 28, 2017) - When we first heard the name High Quality Tours, we jumped at it. Who wouldn’t want to get on board—literally—with a company that tells you up front what they value? We took the Land & Sea NYC tour, which offers some incredible access to New York City. The sea part we'll save for another day, for now let's focus on the ground. (read the story...)

Jazz NYC: The Best Places to Listen

(April 18, 2017) - Whether you want loud and progressive, quiet and moody, or bouncy and swingy, there's someplace—actually several someplaces—to listen to jazz in New York City, one of the best places in the world for the music form that America invented. Whether you're an aficionado or just want a taste of the sound, you really can’t go wrong. Jazz, after all, is about improvisation, so feel free to just let loose. Read on for our picks for the best places to hear jazz in NYC. (read the story...)

View Masters: Small Museum Exhibitions This Spring in NYC

(March 10, 2017) - Here’s the thing about museums in New York City: There’s an exhibition for every taste, every whim, every mood. In early 2017, we encourage you to get out there and experience some of the smaller but equally significant museums in the city—they’ve got everything from glittery handbags to the Himalayas. (read the story...)

The Best Alternative Holiday Shows in NYC

(December 09, 2016) - Face it—we all love The Nutcracker and The Rockettes, but sometimes during the holidays, it’s nice to branch out. With that in mind, we’ve come up with some alternative holiday entertainment in New York City. We’re not suggesting you forego the classics, just add on to them with these special holiday shows. (read the story...)

Holiday 2016: Gifts for Kids in NYC

(December 02, 2016) - Face it: it’s fun to buy holiday gifts of any kind, but it’s really fun to buy gifts for kids and families. Kid gifts are generally bright and colorful—and they often make noise! They clack and whir and spin! What’s not to like? New York is full of great destinations for parents, friends, aunts, and great aunts to shop for kid gifts: read on for our ideas to bring in some serious holiday smiles. (read the story...)

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