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What to Do in Chinatown NYC

(November 01, 2018) - Everyone thinks of Chinatown when the confetti-filled Chinese Lunar New Year parade rolls down Mott Street every year, but outside dim sum, firecrackers, and dragon dances, Chinatown remains a mystery to most New Yorkers. (read the story...)

New York Indoors: Warm Winter Activities in New York City

(December 03, 2013) - Winter has arrived in NYC, and that means chilly air, rain and occasionally snow that puts the “white” in the “Great White Way.” Now, the city is lovely in winter—you can get a different perspective on Central Park or the New York Botanical Garden, or go ice skating in Rockefeller Center, at Bryant Park, or in Central Park’s rinks. However, many of us want to stay warm, and there are myriad indoor things to do when the temperature drops too low. (read the story...)

Holiday Parties

(October 27, 2008) - In New York City there are many venues in which you can through your holiday party. Whether you're here on vacation, and want to plan a family get together; or whether you're a native New Yorker who wants to put together holiday festivities, we've got a variety of NYC restaurants for you to chose from. (read the story...)

Historic New York: From Dutch Colony to World Capital of...Capitals

(April 08, 2008) - In a city that is ever-changing, where new buildings sprout up seemingly every week, there’s still a vast amount of history to be absorbed, ranging from New York City’s colonial origins, to the immigrant communities of the 19th and early 20th centuries, to recent world-shaping events. What follows is but a small sample of New York’s treasure trove of historic sites and museums. (read the story...)

Baseball '08: New York's Baseball Teams Begin Final Season in Old Homes

(April 01, 2008) - "Wait 'til next year" takes on a different meaning entering the 2008 baseball season here in New York City. The Yankees and Mets are playing the final season at their present home parks as both Yankee Stadium and Shea Stadium will be replaced by brand-spanking-new, state-of-the-art retro ballparks for the 2009 season. (read the story...)

Electric Fountain: Monumental Light Sculpture Illuminates Rockefeller Center

(March 17, 2008) - Electric Fountain, the breathtaking public artwork by the acclaimed British artists Tim Noble and Sue Webster, bathes the Plaza at Rockefeller Center in LED-generated light through Apr. 5. This monumental 3-D outdoor light sculpture will be 35 feet (10.72 meters) high and 30 feet (10.6 meters) in diameter. Fabricated from 3,390 light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs and 527 meters of neon tubing, the design and sequencing will replicate the movement of water: streaming, pooling, splashing and flowing, creating a hypnotic experience for viewers. Electric Fountain is on view free and open to the public. (read the story...)

Billy Joel to be 'The Last Play at Shea'

(February 26, 2008) - Closing a tradition that began with the Beatles, legendary rocker Billy Joel will haul his piano to Shea Stadium July 16 & 18 as the last performer ever to play a concert at the New York Mets' home before the new Citi Field opens in Spring 2009. (read the story...)

New York City Parade to Celebrate NY Giants' Super Bowl Win Feb. 5

(February 04, 2008) - The "Canyon of Heroes," New York City's traditional route for ticker-tape parades celebrating heroic accomplishments - from military leaders to Apollo astronauts to World Series champions - will host yet another on February 5 as the city toasts the New York Giants, winners of the National Football League's Super Bowl XLII. (read the story...)

Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens & Staten Island: Must-Sees Outside of Manhattan

(January 21, 2008) - Too many visitors only take in the towering spires of midtown Manhattan and the glitz of Times Square. But New York is really a gateway city, combining the unique cultural aspects of not one, but five diverse boroughs - Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens & Staten Island - each with its own distinct personality and appeal that, when taken together, create the "New York experience." Here are some of the wonderful attractions located in the outer boroughs. (read the story...)

Broadway Strike Ends! All Shows Re-opened

(November 29, 2007) - Other than the title character of the holiday show, there are no more Grinches on Broadway. (read the story...)

Summer of '07: New York’s Baseball Season Is in Full Swing

(April 10, 2007) - You know all of the clichés: every team begins the season with the same record, etc., etc. The season is now underway, and both home teams are expected to achieve great things. Plus: Get up-close-and-personal with David Wright and Derek Jeter at Madame Tussauds. (read the story...)

New York on the Water

(July 12, 2006) - Although it doesn’t have canals like Venice (the Gowanus Canal notwithstanding), New York is still a city on the water. Four of the city’s five boroughs are on islands, and the Bronx is bounded, for the most part, by water. (read the story...)

The Cloisters and Fort Tryon Park: Upstate Without the Driving

(May 31, 2006) - You can get far away from “civilization” without even leaving Manhattan. Just head waaaaaay uptown to the northern end of the island and you’ll find lots to see and do that’s separated — but not isolated — from the bustle of Midtown. (read the story...)

Summer of ’06: New York’s Baseball Season Is in Full Swing

(April 20, 2006) - You know all of the clichés: the “Boys of Summer” are back in action in New York City, every team begins the season with the same record, etc., etc. Well, the baseball season has begun in earnest, and both home teams are expected to achieve great things. (read the story...)

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