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City Guide Theatre Editor Griffin Miller moved to New York to pursue an acting/writing career in the 1980s after graduating magna cum laude from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. Since then, she has written for The New York Times, For the Bride, Hotels, and a number of other publications, mostly in the areas of travel and performance arts. She currently is the theatre editor for all NYMetroParents publications. An active member of The New York Travel Writers Association, she is also a playwright and award-winning collage artist. In addition, she sits on the board of The Lewis Carroll Society of North America. Griffin is married to Richard Sandomir, a reporter for The New York Times.

On Broadway - Super Shows & Shining Stars - The Choice Is Yours!

(May 25, 2011) - With Tony Award buzz and media fireworks exploding all over the Great White Way, there’s an unlimited amount of excellent theatre to be had as we move from spring to summer in the Big Apple. The trick is in making the perfect match. And, while there’s no “Broadway Yenta App” or “” for theatergoers, there’s no need to panic: I’ve put together a list of (hopefully!) helpful categories that should help you zero in on the Broadway shows and stars that are absolutely, without question, RIGHT FOR YOU! (read the story...)

Broadway Fever - Spring Awakenings!

(April 22, 2011) - The superstars illuminating the current Broadway season have chosen well, as you will read below. Here's hoping you, too, will choose wisely, grasshopper, and that your search will lead you to great theatrical riches. May the standing ovations be with you... (read the story...)

Forever Fabulous - Anything Goes

(April 04, 2011) - Like most musical theatre lovers, I carry a special torch for the classics -- the more retro the better. When I first heard about the Roundabout Theatre's new revival of Anything Goes and the high-wattage cast and creative team committed to the project -- director/choreographer Kathleen Marshall, Tony winner Sutton Foster, Tony/Oscar winner Joel Grey, John McMartin, Jessica Walter, and on and on -- all I could think was, "Now here's a standing ovation waiting to happen." (read the story...)

Broadway Today - Big Names & Bountiful Buzz

(March 23, 2011) - In case you’re wondering ‘what’s up?’ on Broadway this spring, there’s a familiar warning you may want to heed: You Snooze, You Lose. At the very least you run the risk of wandering the Great White Way in a discombobulated state, not unlike Alice’s initial reaction to the contemporary musical Wonderland, currently on display at the Marquis Theatre. (read the story...)

Broadway in Bloom - First Arrivals of a Brave New Season

(February 28, 2011) - The running of the shows has begun: not the way hoards of bulls are sent lunging through the streets of Pamplona but -- as befits of all things arts- and culture-related -- in small, hopefully satisfying increments. Theatrically, this translates into a gradual star-spangled intro of new comedies, dramas and musicals to the Great White Way. (read the story...)

RAIN – A Tribute to the Beatles - One Theatre Says Good-Bye, and Another Says Hello!

(February 15, 2011) - A show has to be a darn impressive draw to merit an open-ended transfer to a different Broadway theater after an initial limited run on the Great White Way, but such is the case with RAIN – A Tribute to the Beatles which, after two extensions at the Neil Simon Theatre, is currently retro-rocking the 1,069-seat Brooks Atkinson Theatre five blocks south. Still, audience demand is audience demand and this is one concert/musical that nails the iconic Beatles repertoire. (read the story...)

New Year News on New York Stages

(January 13, 2011) - As the hoopla of holiday shows subsides, January 2011 is clocking-in in a rather bittersweet fashion. There's the staggeringly large exodus of Broadway musicals and the seemingly endless web of conjecture hovering around Spider-man: Turn Off The Dark. Balancing the scales are an optimistic handful of New Year's surprises -- unexpected extensions, savvy relocations, and at least one new Broadway opening. (read the story...)

Spreading Holiday Cheer With a Theatrical Flair

(November 29, 2010) - The happiest time of year is doubly wonderful in the Big Apple because -- in addition to all the seasonal trimmings and treats -- only in New York City can you fill up on delicious holiday shows while stocking up on the best gifts ever: tickets to the best of Broadway and Off-Broadway productions! (read the story...)

Off-Broadway Buzz - Richard Dreyfruss in Heschel; Charles Busch's Divine Sister

(November 05, 2010) - How long has it been since we’ve been privy to seeing Richard Dreyfuss on the New York stage? (“Quite a while” is rather an understatement.) (read the story...)

November in New York: A Month-Long, Celebrity-Filled Theatre Feast

(November 05, 2010) - The weather may be cooling off here in the Northeast, but the theatre scene in the Big Apple is about as hot as it can get -- big names, big shows and big news from both on and off Broadway! (read the story...)

An Unconventional Theatre Season Takes Flight

(October 07, 2010) - With the fall theatre season well under way, it's hard not to notice the diversity that marks the newest crop of Broadway and Off-Broadway shows. Certainly there are a good many exceptional productions of the anticipated kind: Shaw's Mrs. Warren's Profession with Cherry Jones; Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice with Al Pacino, and the magical two-star wallop of Vanessa Redgrave and James Earl Jones in Driving Miss Daisy, to name a few. (read the story...)

Fall's Theatre Season: Packed With Broadway Icons and Icons-to-Be!

(September 07, 2010) - Anticipation is in the semi-crisp New York autumn air -- at least as far as theatregoers are concerned -- with an imposing convoy of stage superstars moving into Broadway and Off-Broadway houses, promising a powerhouse of a fall season. In short, expect some serious wheeling and dealing when attempting to score tickets for shows with serious VIP cache. (read the story...)

Setting the Scene for the 2010-11 Season While Celebrating the Current Broadway Roster

(August 18, 2010) - Those familiar with New York’s theatrical cycle know that late August/early September lies smack on the cusp of the new fall season. August especially has a reputation for being a time of transition, with many limited-run shows vacating their Broadway houses to make room for new arrivals. (read the story...)

London’s Original Mary Poppins & Bert Together Again & Flying High on Broadway

(August 10, 2010) - The original stage Mary Poppins and Bert, Laura Michelle Kelly and Gavin Lee, were the first to leave U.K. theatre audiences awestruck in late 2004 -- two years before Disney brought the magical, umbrella-propelled nanny and her chimney sweep/jack-of-all-trades cohort to Broadway. (read the story...)

Mary Poppins: More Than Just a Nanny -- A Must-See Family Show!

(August 03, 2010) - Theatregoers, whatever their country of origin or age, are more than happy to let Mary Poppins wash over them in non-stop waves of spectacle and endless surprises that pop up around every nook, cranny, tree, banister, statue and chimney. (read the story...)

The Flying Karamazov Brothers: Off-Broadway & Open-Ended

(July 27, 2010) - They’re back, and turning Off-Broadway’s legendary Minetta Lane Theatre into their own personal playground -- indefinitely! I’m talking, of course, about The Flying Karamazov Brothers and their euphorically loopy, technically stunning hit show. (read the story...)

New York Shows With a Twist Make a Splash - The Ultimate Summer Coolers!

(July 26, 2010) - You've already hit the retro highway with tickets for Rock of Ages, Mamma Mia!, Million Dollar Quartet and Jersey Boys and yet (more likely 'because of') you find yourself jonesing for bigger doses of vintage jukebox musical satisfaction. Don't lose Heart, Power Balladz will be arriving Off-Broadway on August 5th with a belt-a-thon of rock music, hi-res video images, a romantic storyline, and some highly interactive pre- and post-show antics (game show trivia; live-band karaoke). (read the story...)

Rock of Ages - I'm Ready for the Wayback Machine, Mr. Peabody...So Pump Up the Volume!

(July 20, 2010) - All the program tells you is that his name is Lonny and that he's played by Mitchell Jarvis. The moment he sets foot on the stage, however, you see the light. Lonny is the whole package: a comic maestro/narrator who is destined to guide the uninitiated through every plot twist and hit from the '80s that Rock of Ages can dish out. (read the story...)

Celebrity Sizzle: A Major Draw for Big Apple Summer Stages

(June 23, 2010) - In case you hadn’t noticed, New York’s summer star-scape is in excellent form this year, with some of the biggest talents in show biz embracing the sultry months of June, July and August to appear both on and Off-Broadway. (read the story...)

Banana Shpeel: All Showbiz, All Schmelky

(May 26, 2010) - “A Riot of Ha-Ha’s, La-La’s and Ta-Da’s” -- that’s how the glitzy, spandex-y, and unrepentantly silly Banana Shpeel is billing itself and you’ll get no argument here. (read the story...)

New York, New York... Where the Brightest Stars Shimmer & Shine

(May 26, 2010) - From Oscar winners Denzel Washington (Fences) and Catherine Zeta-Jones (A Little Night Music), to Tony winners Barbara Cook (Sondheim on Sondheim), Kristin Chenoweth (Promises, Promises) and Nathan Lane/Bebe Neuwirth (The Addams Family), and Emmy winners Kelsey Grammer (La Cage aux Folles), Linda Lavin (Collected Stories) and Sean Hayes (Promises, Promises), Broadway’s luminary wattage as Summer Solstice 2010 approaches is nothing short of dazzling. (read the story...)

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