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Loehmann's Sneaky 'Opening'

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We’ve been watching the construction at the new Loehmann’s, on Broadway between 73rd and 74th Streets, for months and months and months. Ever the snoop, we kept asking about the opening date, which it seemed kept getting pushed further into the calendar. And then suddenly, poof!  The store flung open its doors. This past Saturday. No notices. No fanfare. No nothing. It was, as the salesperson at the register confided to us (when we were paying for our cheapie -- but really adorable -- Marc Jacobs silvery, glitter ballerinas),  “even a surprise to us.” (The staff.) Yeah, really. Apparently, sales associates came in that morning and were clueless that the store was going to open that day!

So, here is what we espied after a very quick trip around the vast football field of a store. (Remember, it was a Gristedes.) There are racks and racks of all the usual suspects: Anne Klein, Calvin Klein, DKNY, blah-blah-blah. You get the picture. As well as lots of names that mean nothing to you. BUT, in the accessories department, there were prestige brands that might tickle your fancy and put a little dent in your wallet, even discounted: A few stray Bulgari handbags (if only they were a New Yorker’ s favorite color  -- black -- and not a fashionably springy pink and beige), but they were not $530 as they might be midtown, but rather $269. Colorful Pucci summer bags ($309, as opposed to $445, according to their price tags).  Furla and Tod’s at discounted rates, too. In the shoe department, big names like Kenzo, Judith Leiber, Lacroix, and Cole Haan.

The store will be open (it’s really a soft opening) through the 7th, closed Easter Sunday, and then on Monday the 9th, open only until 3pm, and closed for the “big party” that night; then a preview day (like what’s going on now isn’t a preview?) on Monday the 10th; and then finally, on April 11th, the Big Opening Day

Sit tight for more reports from the front.

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