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Hurricane Winds

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This past week has been draining. I've been sick and I haven't regained the pep in my step.  The usually genial and fun-loving boy is listless too.

Personally, we need change. And since it's a top-down process that's been eight years in the making, we're ready for a hurricane to blow through tomorrow when the country gets to decide who will led us for the next four years.

When we go to the polls we're hoping to be swept up by the radical winds of change.  I am tired of the sense of hopeless that seems to find its way into every conversation about the state of this country.  We are a great people and we are nation of diverse peoples and cultures, yet we are behaving as though we are whipped pups. Every finger is pointing in blame, but too few people are looking at their own accountability.  

Every action or inaction, however small, makes a difference.  Go vote. Take action.  There is hope.

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