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Chopard's Happy Sport: Gay Diamonds, Fish, and Fantasy

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This autumn, the esteemed Swiss watchmaker Chopard will celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the creation of its fun and fantasy watch, the Happy Sport. The ingenious creation of co-president Caroline Scheufele, the Happy Sport originally married casual elegance and haute joaillerie in a single timepiece.

Chopard Happy Sport

According to Chopard, it was the first time something as precious as diamonds was combined with a material as mundane as steel, exuding the devil-may-care vibe, coalescing diamonds and daytime in a way they had not been used together before. Over the years, there have been countless models of the Happy Sport watch, some giddily silly with "dancing" fish chasing diamond prey, twinkling snowflakes, fantastic four-leaf clovers, others more sedate but still with an toward whimsy, with playful, roving diamonds on the face of the watch. But always, the Happy Sport has brought a smile to a viewer's or a wearer's face.

Chopard Happy Sport

In acknowledging this landmark, Chopard has created a method for customers to create their own contemporary version of the Happy Sport, to have a one-of-a kind, truly singular watch. The Happy Sport customization process allows purchasers to truly personalize a timepiece, engaging them in the design process for the first time. The procedure is kind of fun, too: Download the iPad or iPhone app (or go to a Chopard boutique) and design your watch from scratch through the various options, selecting items from the hot pink Happy Sport traveling trunk-kit (pictured below): Pick a strap (how about lavender  or coral rubber?), a face, a design, embellishments (trinkets, charms, and so on), different colors, and, well, you get the point... Three weeks later, voilà! You have a custom-made watch!

Happy Sport Trunk Kit

Watch prices vary of course, but most Happy Sport watches start at about $10,000, and of course, the sky is the limit, if you decide that you just need to have many roaming diamonds in the face of your watch!  BE prepared to grin every time you look at the watch to check the time.

Chopard Boutique, 709 Madison Ave., 212-223-2304;

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