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Hair Happiness: Rowenta's Infini Pro Hair Dryer

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Renowned European small-appliance company Rowenta is over one hundred years old, so it would seem that in a century the company assuredly must have mastered a thing or three about appliances. In fact, most people have consistently associated Rowenta with manufacturing the ne plus ultra of irons, the ultimate heating appliance. And, indeed, irons are the company's bedrock...and nobody does them better than Rowenta, and they do them to perfection. (Although, for the record, let me say that my older model, the CW 8080, has a minor flaw, a constant annoyance when I am ironing — the water tank is constructed from a dark gray plastic and I can never tell how much water is in it since I cannot see through that dark gray plastic to view the water level.) But, back to the good: The company has also reconfigured the plain-Jane ironing board (no easy feat) to flawlessness, making it the world's neatest ironing board, a stroke of genius enabling easy storage without sacrificing all the bells and whistles of a top-tier home amenity.

As the company has moved into designing and manufacturing so many other appliances, it strikes me that a few are worth mentioning over the next few months, particularly since Rowenta has improved upon so many categories with its state-of-the-art ingenuity and technology. First on my list, since it's Fashion Week and I have been obsessed watching hair (the green hair at the Nicole Miller show was pretty attention-grabbing) at the shows. Rowenta's new Infini Pro hair dryer is now my go-to dryer. (It is worth noting that the company launched the first electric curling irons in 1921 and in 1966 produced one of the first blow dryers for at-home use!)

The Infini is a technologically advanced, salon-quality dryer featuring the company's exclusive AutoSensor technology that automatically turns the dryer off when it's set down, to save energy and provide extra styling convenience — and, I might add, safety. It's the only dryer I know that does this. In addition, there are two "off" buttons. With two speeds, three heat settings, and a built-in ionic generator that emits pure negative ions, hair is dried quickly and the results are frizz-free.

According to Rowenta, when compared with other leading brands, the Infini Pro provides 35% more airflow and 20% faster drying time. It comes with a 1/3" ultra-thin concentrator-style nozzle and a 5" diffuser. The other thing I like about it is that the filter at the back of the dryer is held in place with tiny magnets, making it very easy to remove and clean the filter. I often have found with other dryers, where the filter is not removable, that I am constantly cleaning with tiny tools to get the fuzz out. Additionally, it is equipped with 1875 watts which, for my head of hair, is a necessity...anything less just doesn't do the job. There is a little retractable metal hook for hanging it up, also, and for additional convenience, it has a nine-foot-long power cord. Indeed, this is a well thought out product and a dream to use. Not cheap, but worth the $159.

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