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Spa-La-La: Spa Week October 12th - 18th

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Spa-La-La:  Spa Week October 12th – 18th

The growth of the spa industry—not only in America, but around the globe—has been overwhelming in the past fifteen-plus years. Today it is impossible to build a prestigious hotel that does not have a glamorous and well-designed spa; similarly, spas that were constructed fifteen and twenty years ago are being transformed into more user-friendly and up-to-date sybaritic palaces.  And these days, these spa havens of sanctum for feeling whole and well are not only for "the fairer sex," but also for the Y-chromosome set—that is to say for anyone seeking to relieve anxiety and stress, elevate self-awareness and -consciousness, and boost performance levels.  Anyone who wants to indulge in one of life's greatest joys—an afternoon at the spa, during which time you can be pampered and can also forget the troubles of the day—happily plunks down the necessary silver to achieve the goal of inner balance and physical release.  What may once have been considered a luxury is today a necessity.

To make that goal much more achievable and certainly more palatable on the pocketbook, Spa Week  takes a bite out of traditional spa pricing.  A bi-annual event, this season's celebration of a healthier self is scheduled for October 12th to the 18th, with hundreds of spas, wellness, and fitness facilities (dozens in New York City) offering premium, full-service treatments at major discounts! Spa Week was created in 2004 by Spa Week Media Group with the goal of not only introducing healing and therapeutic spa treatments to the uninitiated, but also, to make these indulgent and/or wellness treatments available to all, at prices that aren't off-putting. By heavily discounting costly spa and wellness services on a national scale, Spa Week has played a major role in opening the spa world to the masses while dispelling the notion that spas are for the privileged only. For the past eleven years, consumers from duiverse demographics have felt physical and mental relief and gained tools for healthier living by taking advantage of a plethora of spa and wellness treatments at affordable prices.

Luxury treatments at within-reach prices are on the menu at hundreds of health and wellness practices nationwide during the fall Spa Week.  Many signature treatments will be offered at a special rate of $50/treatment (normally $100-$500 treatment) at participating spas (day, medical, and resort), yoga and pilates studios, fitness and nutrition centers—and gift cards purchased during Spa Week can ultimately be used at over 8,000 spas and wellness locations across North America. Millions of spa-goers will look to these treatments to enrich their personal health and well-being, rather than just to pamper themselves. From the most modern massage and bodywork techniques, to cutting-edge skincare procedures, to classes focusing on fitness, nutrition, and mind/body synergy, there’s something for everyone on the Spa Week menu.

In order to receive information on participating spa and wellness locations and their $50 services, spa-goers should register on as early as possible. The complete directory launched on September 9th will allow consumers to begin booking their desired services. It is recommended that spa-goers sign up and book in advance to ensure they reserve their preferred treatment choices...and step out of summer's coccoon and get rejuvenated for the new season with a reinvigorated self!



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