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Basketball Men’s Fall League

Sep 13 Through Dec 22 | Tue |
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Welcome to 92NY’s 2022 Basketball Men’s Fall League.

Below are some introductory rules and regulations for how our league will run. If you have questions about our league play, please email us.

Covid Vaccination: All players must be fully vaccinated in order to participate in league play. All players must provide proof of vaccination (vaccination card, excelsior pass or picture) and state ID.

Time: Two 20 Minute Halves First half- running time until last minute Second Half- running time until last two minutes (Stops after each basket and dead ball) Overtime- 3 minutes and clock stops with a minute left. Court: Outside the blue line is out of bounds. Schedule: There will be no rescheduling of games after week 4 Day of cancelation does not guarantee a rescheduled date Rosters A team must have at least 4 paid players for a game to begin 92Y will provide a 5th player when available. You must give us some notice to find a player. One cannot bring a player who plays in a higher division to fill in for that game. You must let us know if you are bringing a 5th player. ONLY IF YOU HAVE 4. If your 5th player does come and the substitute is playing, he is no longer eligible to play. You cannot bring a substitute after week 4 If a team has 4 players to start and the 5th is on the way, the game will start with four. Forfeit: If a team does not have enough players to begin the game, 10 minutes is placed on the clock. If no player comes after 10 minutes, that team must forfeit. Payment: Each team must provide a “banker” (banker and captain preferably same position) the banker is responsible for payment of his/her entire team. You may collect payment from your team through cash, Venmo, Zelle, etc. Payment is due within the first two weeks of league. Payment to 92Y must be on one credit card in its entirety. You don’t pay, you don’t play!! Jerseys: All players MUST wear their issued jersey You can cut the sleeves off, if desired A jersey from prior season, that’s the same color and logo will be allowed If a player forgets his Jersey, the other team will be awarded a technical shot (this does not affect your foul situation) 2 shots during the playoffs If both teams have a player that are missing one jersey, it will cancel out and no free throws will be taken. Timeouts: 3 full time outs per game One 30 second time out per half (use it or lose it) A team may advance the ball to half court in the final two minutes of the second half. Teams receive one extra 20 second time out in each OT period. The table does not grant your timeout, you must ask an official. Fouls Six fouls before fouling out If you only have 5 players and one player had 6 fouls, each additional foul on that player will be a technical shot. Two technical fouls are an automatic ejection. Ejection from the game could lead to a one game suspension upon further review. Shot clock does not reset unless its below 14 seconds Substitutions You must come to the scorer’s table prior to making a substitution. You can sub on a dead ball Back Court Violation There are back court violations. Due to the size of the court, you cannot go past the WHITE LINE on your oppositions basket after you have passed it. Defensive Set-Up A person must guard a player You can press and double team prior to the offensive team passing half court. Defensive Three Seconds The count starts when the offensive team is in control of the ball in the front court. Any defensive player must be actively guarding an opponent If one is called, the team take free throw.

Venue: 92nd Street Y

1395 Lexington Ave. Map