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Influences of Time

May 26 Through Jun 30 | Thu |
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“C1760”, a transformational gallery spanning Modern and Contemporary, Ancient and Old Master—launched by Colnaghi Gallery Ltd. New York — announces the exhibition Influences of Time at 38 E 70th Street New York. The exhibition presents a unique survey of works investigating the interplay of geometry and time. The collection juxtaposes various works in different media spanning over 150 years. Beginning with the design innovations of Toulouse-Lautrec, moving into the Constructivists, following through to Philip Guston and renowned minimalists like Sol LeWitt and Yves Klein, the timeline concludes with Maria Kreyn, the youngest living artist in the exhibition, who was asked by the gallery to create a special work for Influences of Time.

The artists represented in Influences of Time can be linked to Swiss art historian Heinrich Wolfflin’s universal theory of “history of art without names” (Kunstgeschichte ohne Namen). This show explores artists’ reactions to the often drastic and turbulent changes of their time: physical barriers between countries, cultures, and people as well as innovative technology and the exploration of epistemology and perception. We see how these works, individually and in concert, act as drivers for change in society, inciting “demand for culture.”

As it enters the world, art speaks of the time of its making and the time of its maker, also marking the climate of its own making. The intention of the artist and the apprehension by the viewer, which is influenced by their own entrance into their own time, makes for an exciting and varied perspective. Though there are timeless threads, we always see from our unique point of entry. We can follow the many trajectories that characterize a very rich heritage, one that shows no signs of fatigue or exhaustion. Influences of Time surveys and celebrates these diverging paths and intentions - both aesthetic and political. These intentions speak to and weave through each other, with Time their central theme.

The definition of art in the most basic of terms is that art is the physical expression byman/woman of his/her time in culture/society. It is visual philosophy and can take many forms.

Most art is political in its nature in some aspect as it marks the climate of its own making.

But these extremes do not define the limits of twentieth century art, just as the works of the artists represented do not define the limits of painting, collage, performance art, and installation art. There is always more to find and to search out, especially as the artists find their different ways through their own present and past cultural background as well as those of other countries through which they have traveled or in which they have settled. We can follow the many trajectories that characterize what is a very rich heritage, one that shows no signs of fatigue or exhaustion.

After a decade of focusing primarily on the figure, Maria Kreyn experiments in zooming out with her storm paintings. They aim to observe the human condition from the vantage point of planetary weather. Perhaps the logic and even physics of our emotions follow the same physics as smoke and storms — all dynamical systems that are at once organized and chaotic.

Artists: Alexander Kosolapov, Alexander Ney, Andy Warhol, Barry Le Va, Kliment Red’ko, Constantin Brancusi, Dmitry Krasnopevtsev, Eduard Steinberg, Ely Bielutin, Ernst Neizvestny, George Grosz, Georges Braque, Gordon Matta-Clark, Gustav Klutsis, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Ivan Kliun, Ivan Puni, Karel Appel, Komar and Melamid, Lidiya Masterkova, Lucio Pozzi, Maria Kreyn, Marie Vorobieff, Mark Tobey, Markus Lüpertz, Mikhail Larionov, Natalia Goncharova, Nikolai Tolkunov, Nikolai Suetin, Peter Halley, Pyotr Belenok, Philip Guston, Robert Mangold, Rosalia Rabinovich, Rostislav Lebedev, Samuil Adlivankin, Serge Charchoune, Sergei Volokhov, Sol LeWitt, Vasily Sitnikov, Vladimir Bekhterev, Vladimir Nemukhin, Vladimir Ovchinnikov, William Brui, Yves Klein, and Ülo Sooster.

Also on view will be a selection of highlights from our previous exhibition, Alviani X Ancient, which features a dazzling display of abstract art and jewelry by Italian artist Getulio Alviani (1939-2018), a key figure in Zero, and Optical, in dialogue with antiquities from three millennia.

The exhibition will be on display at 38 East 70th Street, New York, NY 10021. Exhibition hours are Mondays - Fridays: 10 AM - 6 PM; closed Saturdays and Sundays. Email: Phone: +1 917 261 4022. Website:

About C1760: To meet the evolving demands of our community, Colnaghi Ltd, the world’s oldest commercial art gallery, launched C1760, a new and transformative department for Modern and Contemporary Art that helps audiences navigate ~ and shape ~ the market.

From its Upper East Side headquarters at 38 East 70th Street, C1760 is committed to promoting innovative, cross-cultural programming and collecting and bridging the worlds of Modern and Contemporary Art with Antiquities and Old Masters.

About Victoria Golembiovskaya: Golembiovskaya is the Chief Executive Officer of Cinfinity and C1760. She is one of the world’s leading art consultants, dealers, and curators working with private, corporate, and museum clients. In 2010, she established the art advisory firm House of the Nobleman in London, arranging hybrid curatorial projects that transform landmark properties into gallery spaces, showing works by Blue Chip artists like Picasso, Warhol, and Calder.

Victoria joined Colnaghi Gallery in 2019 and established the company’s successful Modern and Contemporary art gallery – with a focus on secondary-market masterpieces and estate representation – and now leads Cinfinity and C1760.

About Maria Kreyn: Maria Kreyn is a visual artist, educated at the University of Chicago (in math and philosophy), and self-taught in painting. Her works have been exhibited in numerous galleries in the United States and Europe, and have traveled to multiple museums in China. Maria’s work has been featured in Vanity Fair, the Wall Street Journal, The Art Newspaper, The Financial Times, and many others. Maria’s painting ‘Alone Together’ features in and drives the plot of Shonda Rhimes’ ABC television show The Catch. Her public works feature a collection of 8 monumental paintings based on Shakespeare, commissioned by Andrew Lloyd Webber, now on permanent display in the lobby of London’s historic Theater Royal Drury Lane, open to the public daily.

Reprising art historical conventions of the Baroque and Romantic periods, Maria’s paintings can be best described as a re-mix of familiar pictorial tropes and iconographies that communicate through a combination of allegory, masterfully rendered figures, and mysterious scenes which are neither of a specific time nor place. Kreyn’s compositions are not strictly traditional. While deriving their technical foundations from Old Masters works, she reframes these techniques and expands their pictorial vocabulary into a realm of stirring emotional narratives, unique personal histories, and surreal fictions. From a predominantly female, even androgynous, perspective, Kreyn tells a story of human intimacy and ceremony, investigating the liminal state of connection and detachment.

For PR inquiries, contact R. Couri Hay or Sarah Gartner at R. Couri Hay Creative PR T: (212) 580-0835 E: |

Venue: C1780 Gallery

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