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It Writes Itself: An Experimental AI Variety Show Happy Holidays Edition

Nov 29 | Wed | 7PM | $24.05
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It Writes Itself: An Experimental AI Variety Show Happy Holidays Edition at Caveat
After a sold out run in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, and Mexico City, It Writes Itself is putting down roots at Caveat with a one-of-a-kind, interactive variety show featuring a fresh set of AI-curious performers, presenters, and volunteers each night who perform funny, weird, drunken, and existential experiments using AI. Think: the funner, drunker cousin of the Moth with a talent show mixed in, where everyone’s stories and talents have to incorporate AI in some way.  The future of AI is wild. Everything is gonna change. But before it does, we thought we'd have some dumb fun with it. You've heard of all these generative tools popping up over the last couple months...ChatGPT is the AI gateway drug that'll basically write anything you ask it to, from a wedding ceremony for monsters to a GenZ episode of Seinfeld. Midjourney will paint you a picture of anything your twisted heart desires (except hands with the right number of fingers, weirdly). Looka will design your stupidest logo, Deep Nostalgia brings your most embarrassing old photos to life, and Soundraw will write your cringe soundtrack. The possibilities are endless. Watch us as we attempt them all, live on stage! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll learn some stuff. Tell your boss it’s educational and write it off! A curated group of volunteers (selected before the show) play around with the AI platform of their choice (music, image, text, etc.) and present their creations in a fun, casual, talent show-style way. They tell the audience their prompt and show us what they've got. Read it out loud, click through in a Powerpoint, sing it, perform it with friends, etc. We tell our performers and our audiences that this is a safe space for trying shit out, and we actively encourage folks to attempt the dumbest thing they can think of. The more cringe the more incredible! The more awkward, the more awesome! The more random use of AI, the better…or as we like to say, the official goal of the show is to collaborate with AI; the unofficial goal is to break it.  Here's some examples of what's been done: Guess Who - A game where someone prompted AI to make art based on 90s band names, then we all had to guess who.Shark T-ai-nk - We used AI to come up with 3 ridiculous product ideas and visualizations of the products - then we had 3 random audience members come on stage to pitch to the Sharks (the audience), live. Forbidden Love Aff-ai-rs - AI built out the tabloid stories, photos, love children, and leaked voicemails of celebrity romances too weird for this world (e.g. Pete Davidson x Betty White)Rat Race - Insane, true facts about horny NY rats turned into an AI monologue from the POV of a fed up lady rat. Featuring soft-core anthropomorphic rat pornOper-ai-tion Flirt - The Dating Game with an AI twist - where we put in a bunch of information about our bachelorette, and then had ChatGPT ask all the eligible bachelors (audience volunteers) some escalating questions, to see if we could make a love match!Vow Us: For our V-day show, we found a couple who got married over Covid on Teams, but never actually exchanged vows. So we had each of them send us 5 reasons they love each other, and had AI take that and build vows that they recited liveWant to share an experiment? Let us know! This is crowdsourced, and we're here to brainstorm, help, facilitate, in any you'd like. Email your idea to Mike @ Who's behind it? You don't know us, but we're happy you're here! We're a comedy and culture-obsessed trio who stumbled into this. But if you want to stalk us, we're: Sami Kriegstein Jacobson (self-proclaimed project collector, of course), Iain McLellan (a Scottish thespian, of course), and Mike Jacobson (a professional magician, of course).

Venue: Caveat

21 A Clinton Street Map