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"Two Doors Down" Painting Compilation Exhibiting at Chase Contemporary Gallery

Apr 04 Through Apr 28 | Thu |
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Featured “Two Doors Down” Painting Compilation Exhibiting At Chase Contemporary Gallery April 4th – 28th In New York City

Stanley Casselman & Hallie Hart will be presenting their “Two Doors Down” exhibition at Chase Contemporary Gallery (521 W 23rd Street / New York, NY) opening April 4th and ending on April 28th.

Stanley Casselman’s “Liquid” paintings specifically are acrylic on polyester screen and then sprayed with silver nitrate. The process of applying the silver nitrate is called spray chrome. Silver nitrate is what's on the back of a mirror. The influence for using the process came from two other artists, Jason Martin and Anselm Reyle who've been incorporating it into their practices for about half a dozen years.

“My practice is process based. I embrace accident, random occurrence and I'm far more interested in what 'we' as humanity don't know vs. what we already do. I like to think of it as the leading edge of knowledge, the known vs. the unknown. And specifically to my practice I'm interested in what's visually new, what hasn't been done before and more importantly where the experience of color, line and form can take the viewer,” said Stanley Casselman

“In my previous series, Whispering in Parallel, Tethered in the Unknown, Frequency and Untitled-Presence the work always had the subtext of being about the illusion of depth. Sucking the viewer into an alternate reality of space and time. The Liquid series brings that to a full stop. The paintings start and stop at the surface. Due to the sliver nitrate every detail, screen or paint is frozen in time. The reflective quality doesn't become an illusion of space, but brings in whatever surroundings are at hand. And most importantly, the viewer now becomes a part of the piece,” said Casselman.

The type of work that Hallie Hart is displaying is abstract expressionism.

“The twist is that I stain unprimed canvases with only the use of my hands, leaving each piece with a common thread, that of a three-dimensional feel with a soft elegance,” said Hallie Hart. “I have been painting with just the use of my hands for 15 years, when I was younger I heard of a famous painter by the name of Jackson Pollock and I was amazed by his technique of working around the canvas on the floor.”

Aligning with Pollock in his conceptual and physical approach to picture making, Hallie chose to work on the floor over her canvases in order to have a wide-angle view of the overall painting. However, instead of Pollock's use of sticks and brushes to drip paint, Hallie decided to only use my hands to manipulate, flick, splatter or throw paint.

“The reason being is that I felt more in control and could feel the work unfold. My unique practice has incorporated the use of catwalks I designed, some spanning eight meters, in order to physically get over or into the middle of my action painting. I dream every night about art and my life, I feel that my inspirations are drawn into my mind all day and then unfold at night while I sleep, allowing the subconscious to essentially guide me in my practice,” said Hallie Hart.

Hart says that her inspirations for the new work came from obsessions with cloud formations, storms, stars and also her love of the written word, naming her paintings after some of her favorite poems.

“I enjoy reading about important women artist and what made them great. One of them that had me curious of staining a canvas was Helen Frankenthaler. Frankenthaler's work with her oil stained paintings awoke an interest in exploring my newest practice, but unlike Frankenthaler I have a completely different style of staining which includes water, mediums and acrylics,” said Hallie Hart.

Calendar Listing

April 4th – 28th

Chase Contemporary Gallery

521 W 23rd Street

New York, NY. 10011


Open to the general public

About Stanley Casselman

Stanley Casselman is a mid-career New York artist whose richly textured paintings subtly reference the history of abstraction. His works often self-consciously appropriate the signature styles of twentieth and twenty-first century artists from Mark Rothko to Gerhard Richter, while at the same time introducing novel techniques and procedures that expand the discourse and material possibilities of contemporary painting.


About Hallie Hart

Hallie Hart is an American abstract expressionist painter raised in New York City. Aligning with Pollock in his conceptual and physical approach to picture making, Hart has always chosen to be over her work to have a wide angle view of the overall painting and to continuously be able to work around it on the floor. However, instead of Pollock's use of sticks and brushes to drip paint, Hart uses only her hands to manipulate, flick, splatter or throw paint. Further defining Hart's unique practice is her use of catwalks, some spanning eight meters in order to physically get over or into the middle of her pieces.


Venue: Chase Contemporary Gallery

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