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The Treatment: Sci-Fi thriller | IATI Theater, NYC | Sept 27-Oct 20, 2019

Sep 27 Through Oct 20 | Fri |
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A mystery thriller with elements of Sci-Fi. Two men, with no memory and trapped in a cell, venture on a quest into the nethermost crevices of the human mind.

Bic and Bral wake up in a somber institution, it could be a prison or a psychiatric ward; they don't know. A deadly virus-so they are told- has infected their brain and caused severe memory loss. In an attempt to conjure up details of their past lives, a memory facilitator, Paragon, joins them to assist or rather force them into exploring the inner most crevices of their minds. In efforts to regain moments of their past lives they are subdued to the torturous urgency of Tedium, the Higher Echelon's entrusted operative. Their memories hold the secrets and truths that will change the foundations of existence. If unclosed, a lethal shockwave will rock the future of humankind. All must be kept covered-up. But at what cost?

The Treatment brings elements of sci-fi, and the supernatural to the stage. Bic and Bral are met with super powers far beyond the scope of the imaginable. In an alternate world where science is seen as a threat to a government based on religious dogma, Bic and Bral painstakingly attempt to complete the treatment that Tedium and Paragon impose upon them, but they have nefariously ulterior motives and this becomes disconsolately clear. Director Eric Parness crafts a world where the power of truth and the danger of its suppression are explored through a human, albeit doomed, lens. Director, Mr. Parness was drawn to The Treatment because he wanted "to explore, in a theatrically avant-garde medium, if science and religion can coexist. Is there a scientific explanation for God? Or for the afterlife?"

Written by Joseph P. Krawczyk Directed by Eric Parness Associate Director: Laura Clinton

CAST: Sean Phillips Tatiana Ronderos Brent Shultz Marlene Villafane

Scenic Design -----------> Fufan Zhang Lighting Design --------> Miguel Valderrama Sound Design -----------> Haydn Diaz & Gabriel García Costume Design -------> Michael Piatkowski

Category: Arts | Performing Arts | Theatre.

Sub-Categories: Arts | Performing Arts | Theatre | Stage.

Artists / Speakers: Joseph P. Krawczyk, Eric Parness, Laura Clinton, Sean Phillips, Tatiana Ronderos, Brent Shultz, Marlene Villafane, Fufan Zhang, Miguel Valderrama, Haydn Diaz, Michael Piatkowski.

URLs: Website: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Instagram: YouTube:

Venue: IATI Theater

64 E. 4th St. Map