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Group Kid

Dec 15 | Sat | 9:30 pm | $12
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Group Kid Presents: Hot Date at the Soda Fountain "Group Kid" resorbs comedy people like the adorable, tentacled fetus monster that it is. Our collective is constantly ingesting writers and actors to spew out themed sketch shows that are dark, silly, and heart pumping. We're like that Goosebumps book The Blob That Ate Everyone. We're gross, we're on a fifth grade reading level, and we're constantly absorbing fresh humans and churning out wild shit. Group Kid. Grim as hell. Silly as fuck. Group Kid, in coordination with Hackman's Cigarettes, invites you to skip on down to The PIT for their newest show "Hot Date at the Soda Fountain." That's right, we're servin' up some hot new sketch comedy 50's-style, Jack! And it's sure to be a razzlin' dazzlin', twistin' and pukin' good time. Think 'Leave it to Beaver' on mushrooms. Think 'Grease' if everyone had a concussion. Think 'I Love Lucy' if Lucy had drugged Ricky so she could run off with Ethel to become lesbian bank robbers. You get the idea. Bring your best guy or gal and hop on over! Head Writer: Jon Comulada Director: Matt Prigge Producers: Matt Kenny & Marc Hecht Video Producer: Mike Mitchell Written & Performed by: Amara James Aja Emily Asaro Michelle Bennett Jon Comulada Marc Hecht Mike Mitchell Matt Prigge Kim Taff Casey Thomas Witt Whitmore Jazmin Williams Additional Writing by: Jacob Donaldson Matt Kenny Andrea Romano Group Kid Supervising Producer: Matt Prigge

Venue: The Peoples Improv Theater

123 E 24th St Map