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(Free Tasting) Japan's No.1 Fukushima Sake Debut to New York

Apr 27 | Sat | 2PM – 5PM |
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Fukushima's Sake Debut to New York! Experience the best sake in Japan, without leaving NYC!! Most Gold Prizes 6 years in a row in the century-old Japan Sake Awards. "Champion Sake" in 2015 and 2018 at the International Wine Challenge. Unmatched craftsmanship and the finest taste. While famous in Japan, Fukushima sake has remained a mystery to the outside world—until now! Enjoy a FREE tasting session of premium Fukushima sake with us. Tasting session participants will receive a 20% discount for Fukushima sake purchased during event hours (while supplies last). You will enjoy 10 sake brands! Be the first to taste these sake in New York. 1. Tenmei Hiire Junmai - Akebono Brewery 2. Tenmei Hiire Junmai Ginjo - Akebono Brewery 3. Junmai Kokken - Kokken Brewery 4. Kokken Yume no Kaori (Tokubetsu Junmai) - Kokken Brewery 5. Yamahai Junmai Kokken - Kokken Brewery 6. Daiginjo Kokken - Kokken Brewery 7. Junmai Daiginjo - Sakaegawa Brewery 8. Chidoriashi(Honjozo) - Sakaegawa Brewery 9. Kissui Hidari Uma Junmai Daiginjo - Ariga Brewery 10. Kissui Hidari Uma Junmai Ginjo - Ariga Brewery

Venue: Union Square Wine & Spirits

140 4th Avenue Map