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The Art of Travel Photography

Jan 27 | Sun | 2PM – 3:30 Pm | $79
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Travel photography, at its core, is about capturing a sense of place. This sense of place, the essence of a location, is the thread, the unifying theme, that ties a collection of architectural, portrait, landscape, wildlife, street, food,family, lifestyle and every other type of image together. This is easier said than done. When you travel, you have little at your disposal. You have limited time, gear, modes of travel, contacts, local information and so on. As a travel photographer, your job is to utilize every type of photography, every technique and any and everything made available to you to provide a sense of place. To provide for a collection of images when taken in part or as a whole, takes the viewer on a journey, that allows them to understand and truly what it feels like to be there. Not what it looks like but what it feels like to be there. In this Workshop, we will go over how to capture the soul of a city, its people and its culture. This is what we really want to capture after all... Sure, we may want to capture the postcard perfect pictures too - but a series of images that capture the essence of a place is what makes for an extraordinary travel collection.

Venue: WFM Studios

WFM Studios 42 West 38th Street Suite 1001 Map