Gore Vidal's The Best Man

Schoenfeld Theatre, 236 W. 45th St.
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A play about power, ambition, political secrets, ruthlessness and the race for the presidency, Gore Vidal's THE BEST MAN is set at the national convention where two candidates are vying for their party's nomination during the primary season. It's an inside look at the dirt-digging, double-dealing, triple-crossing chicanery of presidential electioneering and what could be more fun in a presidential campaign season than these theatrical fireworks. Featuring a high-profile cast including James Earl Jones, Elizabeth Ashley, Cybill Shepherd, John Larroquette, Kristin Davis, and John Stamos. Tues., & Thurs., 7; Wed., 7:30; Wed. & Sat., 2; Sun., 3. Call or visit website for variations in playing schedule.

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