Carmel Car & Limousine - Nationwide Success...A Worldwide Phenomenon (City Guide Magazine)


Carmel Car & Limousine - Nationwide Success...A Worldwide Phenomenon

April 8, 2009 - by CG News Desk

For the last quarter of this century, Carmel ( has enjoyed the title of "The Best Ride in Town in New York City."  Every man & woman, college student, and pair of lovers holding hands on dates around the city know to call Carmel because Carmel pays special attention to and cares about its customers.

As a result, Carmel has been selected to be the featured ground transportation company for America’s nonpareil financial colossus, the American Express Company, for the paragons of travel information and negotiations -- Orbitz, PriceLine, and CheapTickets -- and for major domestic and International airlines -- Air Canada, Southwest, Northwest, Spirit and Delta Airlines.

In the past few years, Carmel has expanded its capacity and its full service encompasses the national level, allowing passengers all over the nation to enjoy Carmel's great service and prices.
Carmel's great nationwide success generated constant requests from customers to expand Carmel's core concept success secret ("Why use a taxi if you can ride in a luxury car for a similar price?") worldwide. Carmel's CEO  & guiding light Dr. Avik Kabessa explained that "the requests for a worldwide Carmel service came in so often from Carmel’s transportation, travel, airline and hotel partners as well as from Carmel’s 1,500,000 client base that I could no longer turn a deaf ear to it."

Since the beginning of 2009 Carmel, using its 25 years of know-how, supreme interactive Internet technology, and enlightened management, has expanded its services into the worldwide arena. You can now find Carmel in Europe (Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland), in the Far East (China in nine cities), the Middle East (Turkey and Israel), and soon in many other countries worldwide.

Before you make any travel commitments, make sure that you go to the Carmel ( Internet site or call their easy-to-remember 1-866-666-6666 telephone number and “travel on a moonbeam” hitching you next ride in the city that you intend to visit to a rising star, Carmel Car & Limousine the Gold Standard in automotive transportation. 


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