A staple of NYC’s seafood-dining scene for over 20 years, located in a glittering and expansive Rockefeller Center space since 2009, Oceana offers a main dining room, three unique settings for private dining (The Wine Room, The Grand Salon, and The Chef’s Table), and additional outdoor seating during the warmer months. 

A pure and natural ethos characterizes Executive Chef Ben Pollinger’s cooking style. Through his innovative compositions, traditional preparations of whole fish and other offerings are transformed into superb global cuisine. He works with nothing short of the best seasonally available whole fish, fillets, and shellfish and prepares them with flavor profiles you may not have experienced before — such as fish with robust Indian spices, a light and Mediterranean-inspired preparation, or an all-American iconic dish like the lobster roll. 

Although any restaurateur or chef will tell you that the greatest reward is getting a positive response from patrons, Oceana has sustained quite a few more tangible ones as well. Oceana earned its seventh Michelin star for 2014, and in his three-star review, former Times critic Frank Bruni wrote, “The fish was excellent, and superbly cooked. More than that, it was a vessel for an exhilarating voyage around the world, through culinary traditions as disparate as Italian and Indian.” On top of it all, Wine Director Pedro Goncalves curates a wine list that features over 1000 selections and a “Just Gin” list with over 40 different varieties.

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