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Urban Dreams Mental Health Film Festival

Regal Crossing Essex
Sep 26 Through Sep 28 | Tue |
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The Urban Dreams Mental Health Film Festival is a thought-provoking event that will raise awareness about mental health issues through the power of Cinema.

The festival showcases a diverse range of films from around the world that explore the complex and often taboo topics surrounding mental health. We're supporting the not-for-profit Languages of Care. LoC connects with first responders on the ground to understand the "just in time" need and work to find and translate royalty free emotional health content to help communities recover after a disaster.

Through engaging and meaningful storytelling, the works presented at the Urban Dreams Mental Health Film Festival aims to educate and inspire audiences to break down the stigma associated with mental health issues. The festival provides a platform for filmmakers and content creators to share their unique perspectives and personal experiences, creating a safe and inclusive space for open dialogue and discussion.

Attendees of the festival can expect to see a wide range of genres, including documentaries, narratives, and animation, that tackle various themes related to mental health such as depression, anxiety, trauma, substance use disorders, and more. The festival also features guest speakers, panel discussions, and workshops, providing a deeper understanding of the issues, a chance for attendees to connect with experts and peers.

The Festival runs September 26-28th at the world famous Regal Essex Crossing with Gala Awards and Languages of Care fundraiser at BKLYN Commons Rooftop $20 GENERAL ADMISSION - 1 screening block $30 DAY PASS - general admission for 2 screening blocks $50 TWO DAY PASS (Includes 2 screening nights, 4 screening blocks, Q&As) $75 GALA AWARD CEREMONY (The UDMHFF closing night gala award ceremony includes complimentary hors d'oeuvres, drinks and live musical performance) $99 ALL ACCESS PASS (MOST FLEXIBLE - Complimentary admission to all screening blocks, Q&As, and gala awards ceremony with live musical performance and complimentary hors d'oeuvres and drinks) Last Day: Gala Awards Party & Languages of Care Fundraiser, Thursday September 28th

Film-maker awards, live Ukrainian professional musicians courtesy of LoC, refreshments, shared passion and connections you can't make anywhere else. Make sure not to miss the Gala - located at BKLYN Commons, a quick subway stop from Manhattan on Prospect Park.

DAY ONE - BLOCK 1, Tuesday September 26th Implosions: In her attempts to do her homework, a bright yet struggling teen finds herself at battle for her life. Lisa Sherman In Sight, Out of Mind Unfiltered: A raw, unfiltered glimpse into one social worker’s 28 year struggle with bipolar disorder. Highlighting the far-reaching impacts her illness has had on her loved ones and how she copes with the disease. Tina Willits Life After: A priest unable to escape the shame. A pastor haunted by her memories. Neither knows how the trauma of their past will affect their future. Autumn Libengood Pop's flies: What happens when a family relic shows up out of nowhere and turns into a guiding light for a possible answer to that question? Clay Hervey Social Depression: A depressed young man goes to the forest to clear his head and meets a blind man who helps him find direction in his life. Patrick Torres As The Moth Flies: During their visit to the psychiatrist, Tonette was asked to evaluate her mentally ill partner, Jett, and their relationship through the years. By doing so, she unexpectedly uncovers the truth about their dark eerie past. Gayle Oblea The Outside: After her stay at a mental hospital must come to an end, a defiant psyche patient is determined to do everything possible to stay locked up and avoid The Outside. Monet Ravenell

DAY ONE - BLOCK 2 Speculum: Dive into Viktor’s mind & warped reality as he struggles with derealization & depersonalization. Milena Adrianna Hübscher Slice/Silence: Together with The Big Anxiety (TBA), Indigo is planning to create a safe space for survivors and supporters at TBA’s Naarm (Melbourne) Forum. Using cushions as a medium for people to engage with self-injury and healing, it’s her first opportunity to step out on her own to bring together her activism, creativity and passion to connect with other survivors. Steph Vajda Panicck!Attack! Shawn's panic attack sends him through dimensions, and as it worsens, his girlfriend Ellie's behavior becomes more and more erratic. Andy Wilczak Autism - The Life Behind The Word: This short film sits with children and adults with Intellectual Developmental Disabilities and Autism, shining light on crossovers between disability and mental health. Diplodocus Films I think Therefore I Boom: A struggling young mother strives to bind her family together despite having an unstable husband, but everything changes when she realizes her four year old is missing and neglected by his absent-minded father. Jorge Luis Moreno Dear Ani: In 1995, an aspiring artist and college sophomore, took a semester off to live in a cabin in Northern Maine. He sat by the edge of a lake and asked the universe to send him a “story worth telling”. Two month later, he was admitted to Bellevue Hospital, while searching for Ani DiFranco. Micah B Levin Found: Found is a short drama about a loving father that doesn’t always recognise what’s happening around him, but today he’s here to support his daughter and that’s what matters. Confused, he slips out for an unscheduled adventure. Allan Othieno

DAY TWO - BLOCK 1, Wednesday September 27th End Of The Line: Taylor is faced with her anxiety in a larger than life way; will she overcome it or reach the end of the line? Mark Jones Speak To Me: Two young men, Simon & Josiah, deal with life's ups, downs, and expectations while maintaining the stereotypical emotional boundaries that plague our communities: "Man up!", "Be tough", or "Life ain't fair"... But what causes their breaking points? Kurt Damas SwimTuff: Ben Tuff found recovery from alcohol and mental illness in 2012. He is a record-holding ultramarathon swimmer who has created the movie “Swim Tuff” with Producer, Matt Corliss. Over ten years ago, Ben gave up the bottle and taught himself to swim. “Swim Tuff” captures Ben’s perseverance and joy in sobriety while looking to destigmatize the idea of addiction and help people learn to follow their dreams. Ben Tuff Amazing Grace: Based on the true stories of many families, Amazing Grace tells the story of a single mother caring for her adult son with schizophrenia. Aiden Keitner Another Way To Love Yourself: This short film reflects on a diverse range of experiences with life-altering dermatology conditions. Survivors touch on racialized, systemic problems in the dermatology field that exaggerated conditions and intensified battles. “Another Way to Love Yourself” both educates and empowers through humanizing representation and personal stories. Diplodocus Films The Right Words: A man struggles to find the right words. Esteban Gast

DAY TWO - BLOCK 2 Can You See The Real Me? This work is based on the interviews with 15 patients with mental illnesses (mental disorders) collected through the Internet in 2020, and the content was organized and redesigned in the form of an animated short film. Through the interviews, we learned that bipolar disorder is a mental illness that is difficult to diagnose and medicate correctly. Ye Jing Car Sick: Inspired by true events - A woman living in her car on hospital grounds during the coldest Scottish winter in years ignores the growing concerns of others, but she must come to accept what is holding her there or face the inevitable consequences. Joseph McLean Inmate: Within the confines of his prison cell, a father falsely accused delves into the haunting psychological scars left by a rigged system and fractured relationships, forming a connection with a fellow inmate that challenges his perception of reality. Enrique Lebron Thank You, Neck: Thank You, Neck' is a coming of age drama that follows the journey of a young designer Sophie after she receives a cancer diagnosis. Marion Forbes Junkin': Mike Heck seeks redemption after suffering most of his life with alcoholism, depression, and hoarding disorder. Andy Heck Night Voices: A jaded talk radio host in a cycle of hopeless and demoralizing monotony makes a life-altering decision while on-air. Bradley Hawkins

Venue: Regal Crossing Essex

129 Delancey Street Map