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Doctors 24 HS Brings Medical Attention Right to Your Hotel Door

Visiting New York City can quickly go from an exciting to a frightening experience if one becomes ill on vacation. Language barriers, food poisoning, lost luggage, exacerbated medical conditions, excessive drinking, coupled with not knowing where the nearest hospital is, or if a visit to the ER is even warranted, can all contribute to a possibly panicky situation. Thankfully, concierges at the 400+ hotels around the city know who to contact in the first stages of a possible medical emergency—Doctors 24 HS, which swiftly provides round-the-clock medical care, right in your hotel room.

Doctors 24

“People come from out of the country. The airport might misplace their luggage, and they have heart problems,” as was the case with a recent hotel guest, explains Shamesa R., concierge at Best Western Premier Herald Square. “They need their medication, and it’s my job to give them options. They might be trying to decide whether or not to go to an emergency room. I’ll contact Doctors 24, they’ll come as soon as possible, and they [respect] privacy,” she continues.

“I had a family one recent afternoon with a sick child—a fever, upset stomach, the spins,” recalls Chris S., a concierge at a hotel in the Meatpacking District. “I contacted Doctors 24 HS and they came quickly.”

“I had a patient recently, calling 10pm at night, with abdominal pain; they needed to go to the hospital right away for an operation,” explains Dr. Jaime Gutierrez, who works with Doctors 24HS, in addition to having a private practice in New Jersey. “On another occasion, a patient overdid it [drinking]. They went to an afterparty, got dehydrated, had gastroenteritis. I got a call around 6, 7am. I brought them their medication, rehydrated them.”

“If we assert it’s not a true medical emergency, after we speak with the patient, we can write a prescription. If it is a true emergency, we’ll get them to the hospital,” Dr. Gutierrez stresses. “It’s important for hotel guests to know that Doctors 24HS honors all travel insurance policies, including Allianz, Europ Assistance, American Express, and Visa Mastercard Travelers Insurance.”

During the visit, Doctors 24 HS will provide patients with a claim form to fill out and submit to their insurance. “Nausea, food poisoning, flu, is covered in emergency medical services,” Dr. Gutierrez explains. 

Whether your preferred language is Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, or something more rare, Doctors 24 HS has a multilingual team on hand. Doctors 24 HS covers Manhattan of course, but also the new hotel zones in Brooklyn and Queens, and even out to New Jersey.

For more information, call Doctors 24 HS at 855-362-2447 or go to

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