10 Awesome Secret Sites in NYC

If you think you’ve already seen everything New York City has to offer, think again. While we’re fans of all of Manhattan’s well-publicized and historical draws, we also have a huge amount of respect for the city’s little-known landmarks. Rounded up below are the ten best secret sites to check out in New York City. You can only play the tourist for so long before it's time to start seeking out hidden treasures. 

Secret Sites NYC: Ghostbusters Firehouse

Ghostbusters Firehouse


Fans of Ghostbusters will be excited to learn that the film’s firehouse is actually located at 14 North Moore Street in Tribeca. Officially known as “Hook & Ladder 8,” this active firehouse has a Ghostbusters street mural painted in front of it, as well as a Ghostbusters sign within the station. 

Secret Sites NYC: Grand Central’s Whispering Gallery

Grand Central is filled with grandiose architecture and bustling swarms of people, which is why the terminal’s “Whispering Gallery” might surprise you. An unmarked archway corner in front of the Oyster Bar & Restaurant is designed in such a way that someone can whisper into it while a person at the opposite diagonal arch can clearly hear whatever is being said. 

Secret Sites NYC: McGraw-Hill Waterfall Tunnel

Located between 48th Street and 49th Street (1221 Sixth Avenue) on the western side of the McGraw-Hill Building, you’ll find one of New York City’s hidden waterfalls. Visitors can walk through an outdoor tunnel that is constructed through a manmade waterfall with rushing water. What’s cooler than that?

Secret Sites NYC: Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall New York


In the heart of Midtown you’ll find five original sections of the Berlin Wall, each piece of concrete decorated by German artists Thierry Noir and Kiddy Citny. Though it stands at 12 feet high, many passerby don’t realize its significance, thinking it’s just another of the city’s street murals. Look for the little piece of history at Paley Park, near 520 Madison Ave.

Secret Sites NYC: Sidewalk Subway Map

On the streets of Soho rests a floating subway map over an 87-foot patch of pavement. LED lights take the place of each subway stop on this concrete map created by Belgian artist Françoise Schein. Make sure you’re looking down, or you might walk over this discreet installation without even realizing it. 110 Greene St., between Spring and Prince Streets.

Secret Sites NYC: Mini Museum in a Freight Elevator 

We all know that New York is filled with world renowned museums like the MoMA, the Whitney, and the Guggenheim (to name only a few!), but did you know about New York’s tiniest museum? Open on weekends in Tribeca, the Mmuseumm can be found inside of an old freight elevator with a rotating display of knickknacks and political relics. 4 Cortlandt Alley, between Franklin and White Sts.

Secret Sites NYC: City Hall Subway Station

City Hall Station Hidden NYC

flickr/Joe Wolf

While this subway station is no longer in operation, you can still catch a glimpse of it on an MTA tour, or while riding on the 6 train before it turns around at the Brooklyn Bridge City Hall stop. An architectural treasure, this station is covered with antique tiles and breathtaking skylights. Having officially closed on December 31, 1945, this unused station remains in pristine shape.

Secret Sites NYC: Pomander Walk

Pomander Walk


This quiet street on the Upper West Side is complete with 27 Tudor-style homes commissioned in the 1921. Modeled after a London street, Pomander Walk became a landmark in 1982. The colorful doors, shuttered windows, and vehicle-restricted lane are worth sneaking a peak of if you’re in the area. 259 W. 95th St., between Broadway and West End Avenue.

Secret Sites NYC: Trinity Church

Trinity Church

flickr/Tom Jensen

Found in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan, Trinity Church boasts some of the oldest graves in the city. Combine the historic tombstones with the church’s memorable architecture and historic aura, and you’ve got yourself a hidden gem. The toast of Broadway, Alexander Hamilton, is buried here! 75 Broadway, at Wall Street.

Secret Sites NYC: The New York Earth Room

If the concrete jungle is getting to you, head down to Soho, where you can luxuriate in the rich smell of fresh earth. The DIA Art Foundation holds a gallery space at 141 Wooster Street dedicated to an installation by the late Walter De Maria. A room full of dirt that's also art? Only in New York!

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